5 Ways to Stay Cool by Electrician Burbank Residents Value

As summer winds down, you are probably just about tired of the heat and the high electrical bills of July and August. September can be pretty hot as well, but you are ready for a break from the heat and the ridiculous power bills.

Never fear, an electrician Burbank residents have been relying on for years has some tips you can use to get you through the end of summer and apply to next year’s hot months. The Electric Connection has the staff you need to help you stay cool in the summer.

1-Close the blinds and curtains early in the morning to prevent the sunlight from heating up the house. Darken the house before you leave for work and it will be much cooler in the evening.

2-Turn the AC up a couple of degrees. Wear light clothing in the house to make it more tolerable. 2 degrees can make a big difference.

3-Do not do any major cooking or clothes drying during the hottest part of the day. Save it for early in the morning or evening hours.

4-Use ceiling fans and oscillating fans to keep the house cool. Fans help move the air, creating a breeze that will keep you comfortable. If you do not have a ceiling fan, or would like additional fans installed, call your electrician. Burbank residents will appreciate the cost savings of a fan instead of solely relying on the air conditioning unit.

5-Consider having an attic fan installed. These fans are designed to pull in the cooler outdoor air from underneath a home’s roof into the attic and pushing out the hot, stuffy attic air. This can help keep the entire home much cooler without overworking the air conditioner.

If you would like to learn more about ceiling fans or attic fans, give The Electric Connection a call today.