Pasadena Electrician Can Build Nest for New Car

Buying a new car can present some challenges for sure. Do I want a used one or a new one, a foreign model or a domestic, a compact or a mid-sized? Now, as it often does, technology is offering even more choices. We can get the normal fuel guzzling type, a hybrid or even an electric car. Hmmm… an electric car – does that mean you hire an electrician for an electrical service call instead of a mechanic? More on that in a minute, since I have more pressing questions. I live in Pasadena. Are there any “charging stations” nearby? If you run out of “charge” on Interstate 10, can you bring it back to your car in a can? After doing a bit of online research, I am getting closer to having a few of my questions answered.

So, let’s start with the pros.

  • Tax credit – Nissan is manufacturing the Leaf (a nice green name) that will qualify you for a $7500 tax credit.
  • Cheaper fuel – Overall would probably cost a third, or less, as much.
  • Less maintenance – Eliminates the a lot of the regular maintenance, including oil changes.
  • Less messy – No oil and gasoline is definitely less messy -smells better too.

And, then we have the cons.

  • Sticker price high – Electric cars tend to run about 25 percent more
  • Short range – A tank of gas will get you a lot further than the 100 mile currently available with a charged battery
  • Lack of non-dealer shops – Would mean higher maintenance cost.
  • No used choices – It will probably be a while before there is any used inventory.
  • Public charging stations scarce – So far, I have not seen one in Pasadena or any other city.
  • Battery longevity – Replacing the battery, which could lose the ability to hold a charge, would be expensive.
  • Unknown safety issues – It is too soon to know how electric cars will hold up in accidents.
  • Expensive charging solution – You will probably need a high speed-charger at home since it takes several hours to recharge. That may explain why there are so few charging stations, too.

While I was on the internet, I decided to pursue this a little further. When I searched for “electrician, Pasadena” I found a company called The Electric Connection. I’ll be darned, they actually do electric vehicle charge installs. I guess an electrical service call will be in order if I choose an EV, along with other electrical troubleshooting that needs to be done since my house is old and probably needs a total electrical upgrade.

Well, I am still driving my car that uses too much gas, but I certainly know more than I did about my options. I am also pleased to tell you that I found the best electrician in Pasadena while on my electric car journey. If I choose an EV in the future, I now know who to call to make it feel right at home.

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