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5 Standout Features Of The Electric Connection You Should Know

local electricianFinding the right electrical company that not only provides excellent electrical solutions but also takes into consideration your every need while offering professional advice and long-lasting services can prove quite problematic.

If you need fast and reliable professional help, scouring the web and looking through countless options can waste your time. So, why look any further than The Electric Connection?

Your home is a timeless investment. It requires utmost care and attention to avoid any mishaps.

Electricity is a crucial part of your home and, when not handled properly, it could cause more than minimal damage. From ruining your appliances to expensive damages, household fires, and threatening the safety of you and your loved ones, electrical problems can be a big deal. Hence, you shouldn’t leave your home in the hands of just about anyone.

Here are 5 standout features about us, you should know.

  1. Friendly Service Team To Answer Your Call

    At The Electric Connection, we not only value your property but also your trust and your time. Our service team is friendly and ever-ready to answer your calls. You can expect top-notch customer service that is easy to relate to and even easier to reach. Our trained professionals are also on deck to respond speedily to your calls. We offer free service calls to our clients if we’re even a minute late.

  2. Quickest Response

    Electrical problems can catch up to you rather unexpectedly sometimes. Leaving it to fester will only lead to more damage. That’s why you should schedule regular check-ins to avoid having problems that’ll come as a shock – literally. It is also why our professionals are trained to respond as quickly as possible.

  3. 500+ 5-star reviews (Yelp, Google)

    We’re the best at providing top-quality electrical services and with over 500+ 5 stars reviews on Yelp and Google, we are not the only ones who think that.

  4. Better From Experience
    In need of an experienced electrical company? The Electric Connection has over 40 years of experience under its belt. Our services have helped homeowners and businesses alike in dealing with their electrical problems. Not only are our services of impeccable standards, but we offer them to you at an affordable price.
  5. Solutions Made to Last

    Every home needs a minor fix here and there over time. If you’re moving into an old home, you may want to consider fixing the wiring and doing a routine check to make sure your house is up to the standard safety code. The Electric Connection ensures that you have nothing to worry about for a long time. Fixing outlets, handling lighting problems, remodeling and renovations and electrical installations are just a few other services we render.

Hire the services of an electrical company that’s been tested and trusted to deliver high-value services and professional advice when required.

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How Much Amount of Electricity Does Pool Equipment Consume?

swimming pool in backyard with a lot of trees aroundWhen everyone thinks of their dream house, there’s almost always a pool. Most people want a pool in their house, and so if you’re planning to have one installed, welcome to the club!

However, there are very crucial factors that must be considered before embarking on such a task. One of such factors is if your electrical service can sustain the extra power needed for a swimming pool? To which end, there is a great need to know how much electricity the pool equipment you seek to install will consume.

You need not worry any further. We’ve written this article to let you know just how much electricity installing a new pool will cost you and help you know if upgrading your electrical service will be needed.

A swimming pool comprises several types of equipment that consume quite an awful lot of power.

Below is a list of the common pool equipment and their electricity requirements.

  • Salt Water Chlorinator: 240v, approx 5-8 amps
  • Automatic Pool Cover: 220v, 5-7 amps OR 110v, 11-13 amps
  • Pool Lights: 12v, 3.5 watts each
  • Self-Contained Hot Tub: 240v 50 amps
  • LP/NG Pool Heater: 240v, 3 amps
  • Pool Heat Pump: 240v, 50 amps
  • Pool Pump: 240v, 10 amps

These numbers might seem confusing and that’s because these things are better handled by a professional electrician to fully ascertain the state of your electrical service and circuits.

Would I Need An Upgrade On My Electrical Service To Install a Swimming Pool?

A service upgrade occurs when your electrician and the power company increase the capacity of your home’s electrical system.

There are a few DIY assessments you can carry out to find out if your home’s electrical service can cope with the installation of a swimming pool.

The availability of more space in your panel box is a sign that your current electric service will most likely be able to manage a regular pool pump and pool lights. You should consult an electrician if you decide to install more power-demanding equipment like a pool heat pump or a hot tub.

What Amount Of Electricity Does A Pool Pump Use?

Pool pumps take about 2,500 kWh per year to filter and circulate about 20,000 gallons of water, which is roughly 5,000 gallons more than the average human will drink in a lifetime. The pool pump is the largest power-using equipment in an average swimming pool, aside from the air conditioner. According to research reports, a pool pump can add up to $300 to an annual electric bill.

If you find it difficult to diagnose the situation yourself, as is often the case, then contact us at The Electric Connection. We not only offer proper guidelines but also offer expert services for every household electrical fixes and installations.

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How Do Electricians Not Get Electrocuted?

person holding up plug in front of outletElectricity is dangerous and a lot of precaution is necessary when you work around it all the time. This raises the concern for electricians and how they manage to not get electrocuted. We know there are many things they know that everyone else doesn’t, but is that all?

Could there be other things electricians do to protect themselves from getting electrocuted? Let’s find out:

Appropriate Tools

An electrician makes sure to always use appropriate tools while doing electrical work, in order to stay protected. There are many protective tools and equipment available for electrical work, they include:

  • Insulated Screwdrivers to protect you while working on an energized circuit during installation of light fixtures, or wall plate and mounting outlet box removal.
  • Wire strippers for correctly stripping wires. They can remove insulation without causing damage to the conductor beneath. These strippers have graduated holes along its jaw length, and you can match the hole sizes to the wire size you intend to strip.
  • A protective eyewear is a necessary tool to avoid having vision damaged.
  • Side-cutting pliers are highly versatile, and can be useful for anything from snipping through cable and wire, to pulling cables through walls. The protective ones have insulated handles to avoid electrocution.
  • A voltage sniffer is a tool that helps confirm that electricity is not present. This is one of the most important tools as it protects you from making moves on a live circuit that may be dangerous and lead to a hazard. These tools do not necessarily make contact with outlet prongs or wires, they can still detect when there’s live power.
  • Insulating rubber and leather gloves protect electricians from both high and low voltage.
  • Safety boots are a necessity, and come with soles that are non-conductive, making sure that electricity does not get through.
  • Arm sleeves made of rubber are worn in situations of high voltage to avoid electrocution
  • Mats that are rubber insulating are useful when electricians have to lean or stand
  • The corona suits are not worn for fancy. They are necessary for transmission line work, to keep the electrician safe from high voltage electricity.


Electricians are also conscious about precautions when it comes to their line of work. There are ground rules designed to keep you safe while working with electricity and a compromise of these rules can become dangerous.

These are some of the precautions every electrician knows and is conscious of:

  • Avoiding water and making sure there is no water around the electrical work site. This means no working with wet hands or wet clothes because of how much electrical conductivity increases.
  • Watching out for broken plugs, frayed cords and damaged insulation in equipment and not using such equipment.
  • Making sure the mains are turned off while working.
  • Avoiding energized equipment repairs until they are de-energized.
  • Never making use of a steel or aluminum ladder because of the high conductivity. A wooden or bamboo wire is always a safer option.
  • Being familiar with the country’s wire code.

These are some of the ways electricians are kept safe at our company, The Electric Connection, and we’ve done a good job of making sure our electricians are properly trained against electrical hazards.

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Spring Electrical Tips For Southern California Homeowners

pink spring flowers in a fieldAs a homeowner, every spring, there are certain aspects of your property that are crucial to maintain along with your daily tasks. A main aspect of springtime preparedness is to maintain your electricity and safety standards to keep your family safe. Use these three spring electrical tips from the Electric Connection specifically for Southern California homeowners.

Maintain Your Outlets

One of the most important parts of keeping your home safe from electrical issues is to protect your outlets from overload. It’s essential to keep your wires organized and uncrossed when you can. This can be difficult depending on your home, but focus on where you’re utilizing a lot of power strips, extension cords and outlets. In order to ensure electrical safety, store cords away when they’re not in use and don’t overload each outlet or power strip. If you realize that you don’t have enough places to plug in the appliances you want to use, the best solution is to increase the amount of outlets and power strips throughout your home. This is a reliable way to avoid the danger of extension cord hazards.

When an item is not in use anymore, unplug it from the outlet and tuck it away when possible. This will help organize your cables while avoiding your wires from getting tugged on, or being exposed to potential damage from a vacuum or another outside source. If an electrical item is frayed or the cord is damaged, it’s time to replace it rather than risk an electrical fire or electrocution. Keeping your cords hidden is critical when you have pets, as you don’t want them to chew on the accessible cords or vulnerable wiring.

Protect Your Appliances

In order to keep your electrical systems in great working condition, you’ll want to ensure that you are protecting your home appliances. As a Southern California homeowner, be mindful of the temperature of your appliances along with any wiring or flammable exposure. If your appliances are overused, they can go into overdrive. Another beneficial way to protect your appliances from electrical failure is by using surge protectors. Electrical surges can occur more often than you think. Be prepared by consistently checking your appliances for any electrical vulnerabilities.

It’s smart to invest in a home warranty policy. This plan can successfully protect your systems against deterioration and destruction. Since your electrical system is integral to your home, you’ll feel at ease knowing you’re covered in case anything goes awry. Do additional research accordingly to determine what policy fits your needs and what gives you the rapid response you’ll need. Another benefit to having a home warranty policy in place is that it will cover any repairs or replacements to your HVAC system, so you won’t have to worry about trying to fix it yourself.

Prepare For Spring Storms

In Southern California, the weather changes in the spring months rapidly, exposing your home’s electrical system to a variety of storms. During a large storm, you’ll want to ensure that you unplug any appliances and other electrical items to avoid damage during a voltage surge caused by lightning striking or a storm surge. Keeping them plugged in during a surge can cause wear and tear over time, which you’ll want to avoid to guarantee longevity of your appliances. Similar to your home appliances, clear all of your electrical items away from potential water damage exposure. It’s vital to unplug them and store them in safer places around your home, especially those big ticket items you don’t want to replace.

If you’re planning on working outside, make sure that the surrounding area has had time to dry off and you’re not in danger of electrocuting yourself while performing any routine home maintenance. At the end of your work outdoors, bring your tools back inside to a dry storage space like a tool bench or tool shed to keep them out of the elements. You’ll want to avoid using a tool that’s been left out in the rain at all costs to ensure safety during your work.


With these spring electrical tips in mind. you can ensure your safety while performing work on your home and stay comfortable when relaxing. Now is the time to put these tips to good use and keep your property in pristine condition.

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3 Essential Tips for Taking on Home Maintenance Projects

back patio of house
Photo via Pixabay

With fall upon us and winter on the horizon, you need to make sure your home and yard are ready. Taking care of maintenance items around your home now will prevent major issues down the road. Best of all, most projects are simple enough to DIY, even with little or no experience. So, if you want to get your home in top shape, make sure you read through these simple tips from The Electric Connection.

Get Help From Pros for Major Projects and Repairs

Knowing how to DIY home maintenance jobs can save homeowners a lot of time and money. For the projects you’re not completely comfortable completing, however, it’s best to hire a pro to help you out.

Professional services are also great resources for taking care of those tasks you just don’t want to do on your own or feel uncomfortable handling yourself, like electrical work. For example, a deep cleaning can take up most of your weekend, and you need to be sure to get all those often-missed areas, like the tops of cabinets and your baseboards. If you want to save yourself some time, you can use a maid service to take care of the cleaning so you can spend your time on more pleasant tasks.

Pick Up Some New Tools

You can’t complete your work without the right tools, so why not renew your toolbox with a few essentials that will make those home maintenance tasks easier? A quality cordless drill, like this one from Black & Decker, is always a must for DIY-focused homeowners and can help out with projects all around your home. You can use a cordless drill as a handy screwdriver, to sand wood surfaces, and of course, to drill holes of all sizes in all sorts of materials.

Feeling handy and want to give your outdoor areas a bit of a makeover? You can put your new drill to work on some of these DIY patio projects that you can complete in no time. Add some custom seating or build a beautiful potting bench to make your updates more comfortable. Consider also installing a decorative windmill ceiling fan on your covered porch.

An all-purpose drill is a good tool to keep around your home, but if you’re new to DIY maintenance, make sure you have these essentials in your toolkit as well.

Plan Out Your DIY Maintenance and Refresh Projects

You’ve got the pros taking care of some heavy lifting and some new tools to help you take care of the rest. Now, you just need to figure out which maintenance projects you need to DIY first. Start with a tour around your home so you can check your gutters for any damages and ensure your roof is still in good shape ahead of winter storms. If you spot any leaves or debris in those areas, you will want to get out your ladder and clean them up. This is also a good time to check out the weather-stripping around your doors and windows.

Also take a look at your exterior paint. Freshening up any trouble areas will give your home an immediate facelift (which is especially important if you plan on putting your home on the market any time soon). Minor spots can be DIYed, but turn to a pro if there are large areas that need a new coat of paint.

After you’ve taken care of projects inside and outside your home, move on to your yard and garden so you can make sure your trees, grass, and plants are in good health and will fare well through the fall and winter months.

For your home’s interior, look at upgrades you can make to your kitchen. Add a new wall-mounted range hood to pair with new appliances, or spend some time repainting and refacing your cabinets. Kitchen upgrades always get noticed.

Keep in mind that when it comes to improvement projects, especially any that contribute to your home’s value or that are in relation to a home-based business, it’s important to take before and after photos, and to keep receipts. This information will come in handy when the time comes to reappraise your home and when tax season rolls around and you’re looking for extra deductions.

Now is a great time to refresh your home, especially when you can DIY to check those tasks off your to-do lists. Using pros can help make good use of your time and budget too. Either way, you can get your home ready for anything the seasons throw your way.

This article is brought to you by The Electric Connection, fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect you, your home or business, and our crews. We believe in quality work at an honest price and in treating our customers the way that we would want to be treated. For more information, please contact us today!

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How To Fix Code Violations And Meter Problems

nec logo overlaying hand pulling wiresFixing electrical code violations is a must, especially when the lives and property of you and your loved ones are important to you.

Some of the most common electrical code violations we’ve seen in clients’ homes include:

  • Safety Violations

    Improper use of equipment, exposed wiring, reverse polarity, and the use of ungrounded equipment are serious safety violations. They need to be addressed to remove the risk of lives and property.

  • Poor connections
    Improperly fixed electrical connections can cause a lot of damage to electronics and equipment. It’s best to have a qualified electrician from The Electric Connection handle your electricity needs.
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Having your circuit breakers take on more load than it was designed to handle is a quick way to reduce the lifespan of such a circuit. You could also have overheating problems which can lead to fire outbreaks.

  • Exposed Wiring

    Allowing wires to lie around exposed is so dangerous, and should be addressed as soon as possible! Even more so if you have little kids running around the house. At any point in time, there should not be any wiring left exposed.

  • Damaged Electric Panels

    The electrical panel is literally the electrical powerhouse of your home. If it becomes faulty from constant usage over time, you run a high risk of it overheating, short-circuiting, or melting, leading to a fire outbreak.

The Electricity Meter

Your electricity meter is also a component you need to keep an eye on. Although faults are uncommon, an issue with your electricity meter can be problematic if left unaddressed.

How Do I Know If My Meter Is Faulty?

If you suddenly realize that:

  • You pay more now than you previously did when the electricity bill comes in – especially when you haven’t bought a new appliance, or;
  • You receive an electricity bill when you weren’t expecting one asking you to pay for the electricity you cannot recall using up, or;
  • Your prepaid meter keeps showing an error message from time to time and you just can’t seem to find out why.

The solution is to first notify your electricity supplier so they can sort the issue out. If left unchecked, you risk being without power for a while if your electric meter suddenly shuts down.

Sometimes, these “anomalies” may be an indicator of a much more serious underlying electrical problem. To be sure, you’d need the services of a licensed electrician near you to check and identify what could cause such glitches in your electric meter.

Our seasoned pool of electricians here at The Electric Connection have decades of experience fixing electrical code violations and meter problems for clients all over the state.

Call us today if you’re unsure whether your home is NEC-compliant. We’d send in one of our electricians near you to check and confirm!

Hiring a Local Electrician During COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to do its rounds, forcing the world to a standstill and changing the lives of thousands of people radically. We are confident that it won’t always be like this, but it has taken a toll on us in different ways.

We know that there has been a bright side, no matter how bleak it has looked. For example, we got to understand the need for love, kindness, community, and family. We have come to appreciate everything we have and learned to think highly of the healthcare providers and educators.

Amidst all of this, many other things have stayed the same; like the need to mow your lawn, cut your hair or get it done, clean your house, cook and fix stuff that goes bad. This means that you may need to hire a Los Angeles electrician at some point during the COVID19 pandemic.

Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate safely through this:

Ask Questions

In a season of caution, it is important to ensure that you are on the safe side. One way to do that is to ask as many important questions as you can. Here are some questions that you may find helpful:

  • What precautions have you put in place to keep your team and customers safe?
  • How do you pay attention and assess the health of every member of your team?
  • Will you be requiring a homeowner to give any special accommodations like wash-up spaces before the job and after?
  • How seriously do you emphasize the need for gloves, masks, handwashing, sanitizers, and eye protection?
  • Have you had a team member who experienced COVID-19 symptoms? How did you handle this?
  • How do you sanitize your supplies, service trucks, and equipment?
  • Is there a provision for contactless payment?

Check for Good Reviews

If an electrician has had poor reviews before the pandemic, then the likelihood that they will serve you well in a crisis isn’t much. Make sure you check out reviews on Facebook or Google, especially to find out how honest they are.

Be Sure They are Licensed

Before hiring an electrician, particularly in these times, take their licensing seriously. An unlicensed electrician may increase the chances of another electrician fixing their damage, thus increasing the potential risk of getting exposed to COVID-19. Please don’t give in to the temptation to hire a less-expensive unlicensed electrician, regardless of how bad things are for you.

How Good Have They Been to the Community?

A lot of home service contractors have been affected by the pandemic and they will need as many jobs to get them back on their feet. It would be nice to find the companies that have given back to your community and hire them. Plus, if they are good to your community, then they will most likely not fail the previous tests.

Your health and safety are important, but so are the health and safety of the home service contractors. Try to keep them safe by following all precautions, including keeping your distance, and isolating yourself if you experience any symptoms. Also, remember to opt for e-signatures and documents. Stay safe!

Electrical Troubleshooting In Los Angeles

electrical troubleshootingTroubleshooting your electrical problems can be tough or easy depending on the nature of the problem or how much of an expert you are.

Electrical troubleshooting involves finding the source of a system malfunction and knowing how to repair it. Its electrical problem-solving that qualified electricians can perform.

Signs you need electrical repairs and a troubleshooting expert in Los Angeles

Regardless of if electrical problems come up in your commercial/industrial building or residential building, you will need a qualified electrician to find the cause and offer solutions. Some signs you need electrical repairs and a troubleshooting expert include;

  • Fuses blowing continuously
  • Lighting issues such as lights flickering, dimming, and so on
  • Loose power outlets
  • Buzzing noises
  • Sparks or arcs
  • Electric shocks
  • Burning smells
  • Equipment fails
  • Power system fails

Knowing an expert electrical troubleshooter in Los Angeles

  • An expert troubleshooter can find all kinds of fault regardless of if they are easy or complicated.
  • They can repair and replace only the defective components in the system
  • Expert electrical troubleshooters in Los Angeles can understand both circuits they are familiar with and those they are not.
  • They use the right tools to refine their skills and identify defective components in an electrical system
  • They are experienced and constant practice makes them more proficient.

What happens during electrical troubleshooting in Los Angeles?

Electrical troubleshooting in Los Angeles can be a smooth and easy process with the right professional. The electrician will gather as much information as he can about the problem you’re experiencing by asking questions. With this knowledge, he can get prepared with the right tools and approach. He will go through your electrical system to find the cause or source of the electrical issue. Once found, he will fix the problem and run tests to make sure everything works properly.

Can you troubleshoot electrical repairs on your own?

Yes, and no. It’s important to always leave electrical work to licensed electricians. This ensures safety in your home from electrical hazards and efficiency. With a professional at work to solve your electrical problem, you are likely to avoid any headaches on the same or other issues anytime soon.

On the other hand, for residential buildings, there are some common electrical problems that you can fix yourself. These include issues that require little to no troubleshooting experience. Some examples are;

  • Fixing a loose outlet plug
  • Fixing cut or damaged extension cords
  • Reassembling a broken light switch
  • Resetting the electrical breaker.

If you are in a commercial or industrial building and don’t have an electrical expert available, don’t attempt to DIY any problems that arise. The electrical system in a commercial or industrial building can differ significantly from that of homes, and a DIY gone wrong can have terrible consequences.

Some electrical problems you shouldn’t DIY include;

  • Lighting issues
  • Dead outlets
  • Warm outlets
  • Breakers tripping more than normal
  • Equipment fails
  • Power system fails

At the Electric Connection, all our electrical technicians are expert troubleshooters in Los Angeles first. They are trained in solving your electrical issues.

Virtual Events in Los Angeles

If virtual events were hardly a big deal before, they sure are now. Several guidelines to help protect everyone from the pandemic have made it impossible to enjoy most events in public as we did before. Consequently, many scheduled events have been canceled, some postponed, and others going virtual.

In Los Angeles, there are still many things that give a sense of normalcy. Our safe and efficient electrical services at The Electric Connection are one of such. Plus a wide range of virtual events available through various channels or media.

  • LA Food Bowl

The food bowl you’ve always known involved gathering together over a meal. It is targeted at celebrating restaurants and promoting a sense of community. With COVID-19 restructuring the way we do everything, it’s not possible to hold the food bowl event as before. Hence, a virtual version was created alongside a donation program to hold the LA Food Bowl where you are. The event is scheduled for October 17th and features a Cook-a-thon with 30 chefs and celebrities. There’s also a tasty takeout list to keep you satisfied and help local restaurants through this time.

  • We Can Teach You That

Traveling during this time is possible, but traveling safely is what you need to do. LA Times travel writer Christopher Reynolds will show you How To Travel Safely (If You Must) in a virtual event come October 27, 5:00 pm. This event is part of a new virtual series – We Can Teach You – hosted by the LA Times. You can stay updated with this virtual series to gain new and useful knowledge. This travel safe course will include;

  • How to reduce risks as you travel post-pandemic
  • How to fly safely
  • Day trip ideas
  • Real-life stories/experiences traveling since March
  • Advice from local and state officials
  • Update on travel restrictions both locally and internationally.


  • Eat See Hear

Just as it sounds, this virtual show is about a good meal and a good watch or show. The Los Angeles Times kicks off another season of Eat See Hear. You will receive highlights for food trucks and restaurants across LA with the perfect menus for a SHOWTIME Sunday lineup.

  • Festival of Books, Stories, and Ideas

For the last 25 years, the LA Times has brought the Festival of Books, Stories, and Ideas to book lovers, authors, and others interested. Now, due to the pandemic hosting a physical event won’t be possible but that isn’t stopping this 25th festival of books from happening. The event has gone virtual beginning October 18th and lasting over the next 4 weeks. You can follow the festival on social media and secure your virtual seats for this free event.

More and more events are scheduled every day to ensure you keep going and not miss a thing.


What’s that Electrical Buzzing Sound in the Wall?

hummingYour house is not the scene of a horror movie. So, in most cases when you have heard a certain buzzing sound more than once, it’s probably real and not your mind playing tricks.

What’s normal about electrical buzzing sounds?

Electrical appliances do make sounds caused by the electricity itself. This is thanks to the alternating current in electric wires which cause fluctuations or irregularity in magnetic fields. The fluctuations, in turn, produce vibrations which play out as harmless, quiet sounds.

The twist to this, however, is that not everyone can hear the sounds of their electrical appliances. Only very few people who are attuned to the sound of electricity can. For audible sounds to be created, there has to be an increase in voltage.

When is an electrical buzzing sound no longer normal?

When the noise, hum, or buzz becomes louder than it should be, then it’s time to worry. An electrician can help you point out the source of the buzz and its cause.

An electrical buzzing sound can also be referred to as a mains hum. You can often hear a mains hum which is above 60 hertz around your refrigerator or other large units in the home that operate on a motor.

Beyond this, a mains hum can indicate a problem in your breakers or wiring. If the loud sound seems to come from a breaker, shutting it off may be a bad idea. Hence, contacting an electrical technician is the best thing to do.

If the noise comes from an appliance or fixture, you can shut it off immediately before calling a professional electrician. An electrical buzzing sound from a lighting fixture might only require you to change the bulb to fix the problem.

Buzzing sounds from the wall usually indicate old or damaged wires. You can shut off the power to the circuits in that area to stop the noise and call an electrician.

Wall outlets can be another source of an electrical buzz and the culprit is often improperly grounded wiring or increase in voltage that overwhelms the wiring.

It’s important to attend to electrical humming sounds as soon as possible. If the humming sounds do indicate a problem, then there is a risk of electrical fires and the issue getting worse than it is. Getting professional help on-time serves to protect life and property. Do not attempt to DIY the issue as it can only make things worse and put everyone around you in danger.