Electric Vehicle Articles

What to do when Tesla Charger is flashing red?

So you finally have your Tesla charger installed and after some time you notice a flashing red light. Red hardly ever means well, so you’re right to worry about it. We’ve gathered the troubleshooting tips you need to handle this situation on your own or with a Tesla certified electrician. If the light is a […]

Do I Need To Charge My Tesla Every Night

This question is more common than you think and often asked by new Tesla owners. You’d want to know if there is any risk involved with charging your electric vehicle daily or not charging as much. In this article, we have gathered all the facts to help you decide on what’s best for your EV. […]

Installing Tesla Charger in Los Angeles Condo

When you are an electric vehicle owner, dealing with charging becomes the next thing to do. For some, it’s easy to stick to public charging options. For others, home charging options are the best, but the same rules do not apply to every home. If you are living in a condo or apartment, the power […]

How to Become Tesla Certified Electrician

If there’s anything we know about Tesla, it’s that they keep doing better and better. This leads to more people wanting to join the movement for sustainability by owning one of their sleek vehicles. More EV drivers on the roads increase the need for home charger installations. It’s not surprising because a home charging station […]

Find A Tesla Certified Electrician

All EV drivers have to find a solution to charging their electric vehicles. The best option is to always charge at home overnight so you are powered up and ready to go in the morning. To do this, you will need a Tesla certified electrician but not all homeowners know where to start or why […]