Bedroom Ceiling Fans by Electrician in Los Angeles

The first warm days have already visited and it is a good sign we are going to enjoy another warm, southern California summer. While the warmth is nice, it can get a little old. Sometimes, you need a break from the heat, especially after a long day at the beach or working in the yard. Your body needs a chance to cool down enough for you to relax comfortably and be able to sleep soundly. One way to do that, especially if you don’t have central air, is with the installation of a ceiling fan in your bedroom by an electrician. Los Angeles residents can call The Electric Connection to have the job done before the heat of the summer hits.

Even if you have central air, a ceiling fan can provide a gentle breeze that is soothing and relaxing. For some people, the white noise is cathartic and can help lull them to sleep. Relying more on the ceiling fan to keep you cool and comfortable will save you money on your electric bill explains an electrician in Los Angeles. You won’t need to have your AC unit set below seventy to be cool enough to sleep. The fan will rotate the air, providing a cool breeze for you to sleep under.

When it comes to choosing a fan for the bedroom, generally, they tend to be a bit smaller than fans installed in a large living room says a Los Angeles electrician. It is important you look at the recommended square footage of the room in the specifications for each fan. Blades that are too long can make the fan ineffective. There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from that will enhance and compliment your room décor. When you are ready to have the fan installed, give The Electric Connection a call.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans by Los Angeles Electrician

With summer temps just around the corner, it is a good idea to prepare your home for the hot weather. Keeping your air conditioner in good running condition is only half the battle. On days when it is stuffy, an air conditioner doesn’t always do much good. Sometimes, the wet air produced by an air conditioner can leave a home feeling stagnant. A fresh breeze could clear it all out, but opening the window and letting the air you paid to cool out doesn’t make sense. This is why you need a bedroom ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can count on the team at The Electric Connection to install a fan in every room.

A ceiling fan can help move the hot air that tends to collect near the ceiling. This can make a room feel stuffy and cloying. People struggle to sleep in the summer because of the heat. A ceiling fan overhead can create a gentle breeze that washes over the bed. This soft breeze cools the body while keeping the stagnant air from gathering says a Los Angeles electrician. Some people like the white noise the fan motor produces as well as the spinning fan blades, which is another bonus to the installation. They also look nice in a room.

It isn’t just about being more comfortable. When you use a fan to help keep you cool and comfortable, you aren’t going to be tempted to crank up the AC and running up your electric bill. Keeping the fan running during the day will keep the cool air circulating through the area and lessening the demand on the air conditioner. This will save you money explains an electrician in Los Angeles. Head to the store today and pick out your new ceiling fan and then call The Electric Connection to have it professionally installed.

Choosing the Best Lighting with Los Angeles Electrician

If you have recently acquired a commercial property, one of the first things you will want to address is the lighting in the place. There are many different lighting types based on what you need and what the property is going to be used for. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to lighting. You have plenty of options and in many cases, updating the lighting can save you money on the electricity bill. An electrician in Los Angeles, like those at The Electric Connection, can help you decide what is right for your new property.
Gone are the days when you were stuck with plain, often garish fluorescent lighting that can be rough on the eyes and even rougher on the way a room looks. Nowadays, we are lucky to have daylight tubes that can replace the old fluorescent lights. Those fixtures are best in an office space or area where bright lighting is needed and natural light is not an option explains a Los Angeles electrician.
Having directed light via a track lighting system is a great option for small areas that need more light in certain places, like over a workstation. This gives you the freedom to not only direct the light, but to choose the wattage of the bulb as well. Track lighting isn’t just for the kitchen! Another lighting option that is regularly seen in homes, especially new construction, is recessed lighting. This is an excellent choice for keeping the ceilings clear of any hanging light fixtures. It makes a room feel bigger and once again, you have control of how much light. Some options include being able to direct the light against a wall or into a room explains an electrician. Los Angeles property owners can take a look at the different lighting options and then give The Electric Connection a call to schedule their lighting renovation.

3 Most Effective Ways to Save Energy by Los Angeles Electrician

It is always a great time to think about saving a little more money wherever you can. You can make it a New Year’s resolution or simply make a change and a commitment to add a few more dollars to your savings account each month. Whether you choose to skip coffee once a week or carpool, every dollar helps. You can also save money by using less electricity says an electrician in Los Angeles. Here are three of the most effective ways to save energy. You can call The Electric Connection if you have any questions.
1. Your thermostat is going to give you the most control over how much energy you can save. In the summer, turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees (meaning the house is a touch warmer) or turning it down in the winter (meaning the house is not quite as warm), is your best option for saving real money. You can dress a little warmer or a little cooler to be comfortable say a Los Angeles electrician.
2. The next big energy user in your home is the hot water heater. In a nutshell, using less hot water will save you some money. Taking shorter showers, only running the dishwasher when it’s full and washing clothes in cold water when possible are all ways to save.
3. Refrigerators and freezers are the next big energy hog in your own home. While you can’t really do without the appliances, you can make sure they are not costing you more than necessary. Checking the seals, closing the doors when not in use and setting the thermostat to thirty-six to thirty-eight degrees is a good way to save energy explains an electrician. Los Angeles area residents can also invest in a newer energy-efficient model.

If you would like to learn more about energy savings, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Home Fire Prevention Tips by Los Angeles Electrician

We know we should change the batteries in our smoke detectors when we ‘fall back’ in early November, but there are other things you can do to make your home a little safer by preventing a fire in your home. Some of those things require the help of an electrician in Los Angeles while others can be done on your own. The team at The Electric Connection has some tips for you to make your home a little safer.

1. A working smoke alarm in each room is an excellent idea. The bare minimum should be a smoke alarm on each floor. Consider having a Los Angeles electrician install hard-wired smoke detectors that rely on your home’s power instead of a battery.
2. Keep a working fire extinguisher in the house, preferably near the kitchen where a fire is more likely to occur.
3. Do not leave any pots or pans unattended on the stove.
4. Wipe up any grease spills and keep your stove and oven clean to keep a fire from starting while you are cooking.
5. Pay attention to the outlets in your home. If you notice any black marks, smoking or a burning smell call an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can prevent electrical fires by being aware.
6. Keep the dryer lint vent clean. Clean behind the dryer as well. Lint is extremely flammable and can quickly ignite with a little heat and a minimal spark.
7. Do not use a space heater if there is not adequate space. A good three feet away from furniture and the wall is ideal.
8. Do not overload the circuits in your home by plugging in multiple devices and appliances.

If you have concerns about the electrical in your home, call The Electric Connection today and ask to have a safety inspection to identify any potential problems.

Power Outage 101 by Los Angeles Electrician

Power outages happen for one reason or another. It is part of life and thankfully, the outages are short and sweet and don’t cause any real problems. With winter on the horizon and the possibility for some cooler weather and a few storms, it is always a good idea to be ready to deal with a power outage. Your electrician in Los Angeles has a few tips to help you prepare. You can call the team at The Electric Connection if you have any questions.

1. Have a minimum of two flashlights stored in a drawer or place that is easily accessed in the dark. It is better to have a flashlight for each member of the house to ensure you can move about freely. LEDs are best and will last much longer. Don’t forget to store some extra batteries.
2. Have a portable charger charged and ready to use for your cell phone. These can give your phone several charges or fully charge several phones before needing to be recharged.
3. Keeping a box of emergency candles (these are actually labeled as such) and some matches or a lighter is also a good idea explains an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners should ensure candles are only used when natural gas is not in use.
4. Make sure you have a few extra blankets on hand to stay warm. Shutting the doors to rooms and having the family stay in one room is one way to stay warm if it happens to be cold out.
5. Having a portable generator on standby is a great option and can provide you with electricity while you ride out a power outage. These can be noisy, so you will need to ensure your neighborhood allows for them.
6. A standby generator installed by a Los Angeles electrician is another option. It is much quieter and can power the entire home for as long as you need.

Being prepared for a power outage ensures you aren’t sitting in the dark while you wait for linemen to do their job. Give The Electric Connection a call today and learn more about generators.

Rental Property Remodels by Los Angeles Electrician

Owning rental properties can be a lucrative investment. For some, they have the ability to rent out a portion of their large home, a small house in the back of their property or even a basement over an area over a garage. This is an excellent way to pay the mortgage payment on your own home or to supplement your income. In order to attract your ideal tenant, you will need to have a space that is beautiful as well as functional. Looks matter and your electrician in Los Angeles can help you transform that dated space into one that is gorgeous and appealing to potential renters. The team at The Electric Connection can help you make that happen.

Adding a little paint and replacing the flooring in a room or apartment is one way to revamp the place. You can also make it look more modern as well as inviting by updating the lighting in the space. This is especially helpful if the apartment you are creating is on the small side or in a basement with low ceilings explains an electrician. Los Angeles property owners will want to look into some of the trendy styles, like recessed lighting for low ceilings and track lighting for spaces that can work with a single fixture that spreads over an entire space.

Along with lighting, ensuring there is enough power in the apartment is key. Most people will need numerous outlets in the kitchen for the various appliances and outlets in the living area for entertainment systems with many components. Your Los Angeles electrician can add additional outlets to ensure a tenant isn’t forced to use extension cords that can be a bit of a hazard when not used properly. Give The Electric Connection a call today and have your rental property revamped.

Investing in a Ceiling Fan is Important Says Los Angeles Electrician

Many people assume a ceiling fan is nothing more than an optional accessory in a home. Do they really serve a valuable purpose and are they worth investing in if you don’t already have one? The short answer is yes. A ceiling fan is a worthy investment that can actually pay for itself in a short amount of time and keep saving you money. The fans are far more than a pretty accessory hanging in a room and they really should be considered as important as a light fixture. Your Los Angeles electrician encourages you to consider having one installed if you don’t already have one. The team at The Electric Connection can get you set up with one.

Ceiling fans save you money by reducing the work of your air conditioner in the summer and your heater in the winter. In the winter, the fans push the hot air that rises to the ceiling back down towards the room where your thermostat is. The warm air tells the thermostat the room has reached the desired temperature and it will shut off explains an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners will appreciate the air they are paying to heat actually being kept where it belongs and they will be less inclined to crank up the heat because they are chilly.

In the summer, the blade rotation of the fan is switched the opposite direction. It pulls the hot air up, making way for the cold air to fill the room says an electrician in Los Angeles. The fan also creates a nice breeze that feels good when you are feeling a little warm. Fans do look great and most come with light fixtures so they can be easily installed where an existing light fixture is. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your ceiling fan installation.

What Uses the Most Electricity? Los Angeles Electrician Reveals Answer

If you have a goal to use less electricity in your home, you need some information to help you make the best choices. Saving electricity can save you money while lessening your impact on the power grid and using resources. There are little things you have heard for a long time that can help save on electricity, but how much are you really saving? If you want the biggest bang for your buck, you need to know what electrical devices in your home are sucking the most electricity. An electrician in Los Angeles has the answers you need. If you have more questions, feel free to call The Electric Connection.

1. Your air conditioner or furnace is by far the biggest energy hog in your home explains a Los Angeles electrician. Turning the AC up a couple of degrees and relying on a ceiling fan can save you a great deal of money in the summer. Dress in layers in the winter and lower the thermostat to save money.
2. The water heater is the next big offender. Shortening the length of your showers, turning off the water when you are wiping down counters and lowering the temperature on the water heater can all reduce your energy usage.
3. Your clothes washer and dryer are right up there. Only wash full loads and when possible, use cold water. Air drying your laundry when possible can save you a significant amount of money.
4. Lighting is the next big one and is probably one of the easiest to manage. If you haven’t done it yet, switch your bulbs to LEDs says an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners will be pleased to learn LEDs use a fraction of the energy of a traditional bulb.

These are your four main culprits. Find ways to reduce their usage and you can save big on your electric bill. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need a new ceiling fan installed.

Check off To-Do Lists with Los Angeles Electrician

electrician los angelesYour weekends are probably too short. It is a common problem many people have. So much to do with so little time. If you would like to spend a little less time worrying about that To-Do list you have at home and more time having fun with friends and family, you could use some help. Your list may include little things that have been slowly accumulating over the years. While some tasks, like fixing a loose cabinet or cleaning up the driveway cement, are relatively safe and easy, there are some tasks you should put onto a different list. Anything that has to do with electricity should be moved to a list you put together for your electrician. Los Angeles homeowners who want to free up some time and leave the electrical work to the experts can call the folks at The Electric Connection.

Things like taking care of that old light fixture that is not only outdated, but just isn’t working like it should is important. It can make your house look better and ensures you are not harboring a fire hazard. Maybe you have been struggling with an outlet shortage. Instead of putting up with the problem, call an electrician in Los Angeles to fix it for you. Adding additional outlets to a room can make your life easier and prevent the use of extension cords or those adapters that can easily be overloaded.

With all of the time you will be spending outdoors, you may appreciate having a few additional outlets placed in the patio and deck area. This allows you to charge your phone, plug in your sound system or even keep your laptop charged while enjoying the outdoors. This is another task you can count on your Los Angeles electrician to take care of for you. Spend more time enjoying your summer and less time worrying about how you will tackle some of those dangerous items on your To-Do list. Give The Electric Connection a call today and get your appointment scheduled.