Wiring Articles

How To Install A Dryer Outlet

We all know the sweet feeling of pulling out a clean, fresh, and dry clothing item from the electric dryer. At that moment when all that freshness and dryness touches your skin, you enjoy this often unrecognized pleasure of life. The only thing that can stand in the way of experiencing this each day is […]

How to Wire a House for the Future

A lot has changed with the way homes are built and wired. Some decades ago a physical key and a lock was the only way you could go in and out of your home but today we have digital locks and virtual keys. Those who never thought of such possibilities for the future might have […]

5 Signs Your House is Ready for New Wiring

Home wiring is something many homeowners often forget to consider with other home maintenance issues. This is not strange because home electrical wiring is usually tucked away behind the walls. Hence, as long as your outlets work and the lights come on, you won’t be thinking about the wiring behind it all. Contrary to this, […]

What is involved in a House Rewire?

Rewiring is one of the most difficult, messy, and disruptive maintenance projects you can perform in the home. It is equally time-consuming and costly but very necessary. The lifespan of the electrical installation in a home is usually 25 years. However, this duration can vary depending on use. The electrical system will have to be […]

How to Rewire a House without Removing Drywall

Rewiring a house can make your heart skip a bit. Homeowners react this way because aside from the high costs, an electrical rewiring project usually means tearing down walls and making a big mess that the exhausted homeowner is left to deal with. Hence, some opt for repair services or using the old, faulty wiring […]

How Much Does it Cost to Rewire a House

A large number of house fires are attributed to faulty wiring. Rewiring your home is the best way to ensure your electrical components are up to date and suitable to carry a modern-day house needs. Many homeowners worry about the costs and the stress of rewiring. Yes, you have to dig deep into your pockets […]