Electric Car Deliveries Speeding Up in Los Angeles

Our electricians have been talking to homeowners in Los Angeles about installing chargers for their electric cars — that is, when their electric cars arrive. Mostly, we’ve been working out how the installations will go and setting up appointments because many homeowners are waiting for delivery. If you anticipate delivery of your electric car and want to beat the rush, now’s a good time to get your charger installed.

Nissan has delivered about 800 Leafs since December 2010, but that’s 800 for the entire U.S., not just Los Angeles. Greatly helping with that total, one ship with 600 Leafs sailed for the U.S. the day before the Japanese earthquake and tsunami struck. And then…nothing. As you know, tragically, things just weren’t the same in Japan the next day.

But recovery in Japan is moving along. Nissan has announced the good news that a shipload of electric cars (electric vehicles or “EVs“) will be landing in the U.S. today, April 27th. This is the first shipment of Leafs manufactured since the quake. Right now, demand is way outstripping supply. Over 340,000 people have registered on the Nissan Leaf website. But Nissan closed reservations for purchases of EVs at 20,000 in September 2010. They’re planning a speed-up of deliveries and will be taking new reservations starting May 1.

Of course, there are other electric cars available for middle-income families. The Chevy Volt is an electric hybrid — it can drive about 40 miles on a single charge of its battery and then turns to burning gasoline. By the end of March of this year, over 1,200 Chevy Volts had been delivered to waiting customers. Yes, Chevy has a waiting list, too, but, like Nissan, will be speeding up deliveries as the year goes on.

If you have ordered an electric vehicle and have not yet arranged for installation of an outlet in your garage for your Level 1 charger or installation of your Level 2 charger, find a licensed electrician familiar with the requirements of EV chargers.
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