Electrician in Fillmore CA

Since 1979, The Electric Connection has attended to the electrical needs of businesses and homeowners alike in Fillmore. Twenty-five employees strong, we’ve built a workforce of highly experienced, certified electricians to serve those needs. There are lots of electricians in Fillmore, but The Electric Connection goes the extra mile to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated: doing superior work for sensible prices.

A+ Rated Electrician in Fillmore

We are your Fillmore electricians for residential, commercial and industrial electrical contracting service. As a licensed electrical contractor in the Fillmore area, The Electric Connection is an expert in a variety of electrical services offering you the very best in customer service and satisfaction. We are proud to be apart of the Fillmore community and honored to be able to continue the wonderful relationships and friendships we have built over the many years. Please come back and visit this web page; we are in the process of up dating our Fillmore Handy Guide.

Electrical Services in Fillmore

At night, looking down on L.A. from Griffith Observatory, you can see lines of lights streaming in all directions. Electrical service provided by Fillmore electricians like us, The Electric Connection, help to keep these lights burning.

If you are looking for an electrician in Fillmore, check us out. We are fully licensed electricians and offer a complete range of Electrical Services. Whether you need electrical troubleshooting or a complete house rewire, give us a call.

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