Free Electrical Estimates Over the Phone

Can I get a Free Estimate over the phone? If you want a Free Estimate, call us at (818) 446-0888. We give Free Estimates either over the phone, or, if needed, after looking at your job. We can almost always give you a Free Estimate over the phone if your job is installing new items such as:
House rewires
Panel upgrades
Light fixtures
Switches, dimmers, or electrical outlets
Charger for electric cars
Ceiling fans
• Air Conditioner hook-ups
• And all other installations of new electrical components (as opposed to repairs)

How can you give me an over-the-phone estimate for a job as big as a house rewire or an electrical panel upgrade? We’ll do a brief interview with you to find out the size of your house and some other basics. We can give you a rough estimate over the phone. Then if you want to take the next step, we can send an electrician to your home or business. He’ll look over your electrical system and give you a firm bid in writing. If the bid is acceptable, we’ll schedule the job with you.

Can you give me an over-the-phone estimate for installing a charger for an electric car? Yes, these can be as low as $200, and they go up from there. We’ll ask you the distance of your garage or carport to your electrical panel. If you’re interested, we’ll then send an electrician out to see the job. He’ll determine where the charger could go and also check that your electrical panel has sufficient power. The price of the job will depend on the distance from the electrical panel and whether your panel needs to be upgraded for more power. He can give you a firm written bid after looking at the job.

Are there times when you can’t do a Free Estimate? If you need something fixed that used to work, we’ll need to do on-site troubleshooting of your electrical system and charge for the electrician’s time. Within a half hour to an hour, we’ll know the extent of the problem. At that point, if he hasn’t already fixed the problem, the electrician can give you a firm bid in writing before doing more work. Often, by the time the electrician has figured out the problem (within a half hour to an hour or so) — let’s say it’s a loose wire — it will take another minute or so to fix it. In fact, he may not be certain that the loose wire was the entire problem until he tightens the wire, the circuit now works, and the job is done.

Why can’t you give an estimate for troubleshooting jobs? When a component in your electrical system no longer works, there can be variety of reasons, each requiring a different amount of time to fix.

Let’s say you have a swimming pool and the pool light no longer comes on. If the light switch has broken and needs replacing, we’re talking about an inexpensive part plus half an hour of labor. If the light fixture or the circuit breaker is broken, these parts are bigger expenses. If the wire feeding the light has a short circuit, that could mean digging up the wire that runs underground, cutting the concrete pool deck, replacing the wiring and its protective housing (electrical conduit), cutting a new trench and re-burying the wire, and finally, patching the concrete pool deck. That could be hundreds of dollars.

So, the symptom of the pool light not working doesn’t tell us the cost. We’ll need to troubleshoot on-site for a half hour to an hour, find the cause, and then we’ll be able to give you a firm bid price.

What is the difference between an estimate and a bid? We can give you a Free Estimate over the phone without seeing the job if your job is a new installation. If the estimate is acceptable and you want to move ahead, we’ll set an appointment with you to see the job. Once we’ve seen the job and checked out the details, we can give you a firm written bid in writing. It’s a firm price with no surprises for you.

How can I get started? Call us at (818) 446-0888 and ask for a Free Estimate.

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Kim Hopkins, Owner
The Electric Connection