Free Electrical Estimates in Los Angeles

los angeles electrical estimatesEvery now and then, you might encounter electrical problems in your building in Los Angeles. When this happens, the next step is to call an electrician. It has become common for customers to ask an electrical contractor or company for an estimate before hiring them. As a result of this, companies and contractors now offer their clients something called FREE estimates.

An estimate is the approximate value or calculations of the amount of money needed to complete a project. It is important for various reasons.

Why do you need a free electrical estimate?

Estimates are important to help a homeowner or business owner have a solid idea of what their electrical service needs would cost. It also plays a role in how you decide which electrical company to go with. It is advisable to get at least three estimates from different companies and add it to your list of factors to consider when making a choice. Free estimates protect you from unnecessary price shock and help you plan your budget accordingly.

Companies like The Electric Connection give you free estimates for your service over the phone. Other companies have different approaches. Some prefer to come to your home and see the scope of the task before giving an estimate of what it would cost. The downside to this is that many of such companies would then charge a ‘trip fee’ or offer to deduct this cost from the actual service fee if you agree to go ahead. In many ways, this approach can make it difficult for you to make an honest decision as you would be under pressure to save on costs by hiring that company.

What is included in an electrical estimate in Los Angeles?

An electrical estimate involves considering many mini costs and adding them up as it relates to your job. The electrician would include costs for materials, labor, special fees for work permits or city inspections, sales tax, hazardous materials fee, and more.

Having several estimates from different contractors helps you avoid any surprises with the cost when the service is finally completed. It can also expose any discrepancies in any of the contractors’ estimate. The purpose of an estimate is not so you can base your decision on prices alone. In fact, choosing an electrician based on price, might just lead to bigger problems. A cheaper service does not guarantee quality work, and neither does an expensive one. The solution is to always add estimates to other criteria like experience, license, insurance, reviews, recommendations, and more.

You can reach out to us today for a free estimate that holds no (hidden) charges.