Get Ready for the Future and Install Solar Panels Now

Are you thinking that it might be a good time to install solar panels for your home? More correctly, there has never been a better time to invest in solar panels. Why is it such a good time to install solar panels?

For starters, there are incredible federal tax rebates currently in place that allow you to detect a portion of the expense of installing the panels from your taxes. About a third of that cost, no matter the cost, can be subtracted from your taxes.

The California Solar Initiative was put in place a few years back to encourage residents to take advantage of one of our most abundant resources: sunshine. Now, you may be eligible for a variety of monetary incentives to install a home solar array. The policies are extremely varied across the state, and many of them have expired. Some areas still have potential for Solar Incentives, so acting now could save you additional money.

There is already a favorable picture of the solar installation scene right now, but it gets even better when you consider solar leasing. Solar leasing isn’t the right choice for everybody, but it has tremendous allure, too. Basically, solar leasing is a partnership between you and a solar installation contractor. They install the system and you pay back the cost of the materials over time. Even as they pay down their solar lease, many residents enjoy savings on their power bills, too. You might even be eligible for free installation, making the proposition an investment of zero dollars for a lifetime of savings.

If you’re interested in the potential of solar panels and solar leasing, call us to discuss your options. We can get you started with a quote over the phone today and soon have a solar array up at your house. It’s never too late to start saving, so start today!