Burbank Electrician Understands What’s Behind Good Customer Service

Anyone here in little old Burbank like great customer service? If you raised your hand, that probably means you like being appreciated and understood. There has been a lot to read lately about large companies forking out huge amounts of money to improve there customer relations. And yet, I just read another article that reported the results of a recent survey, revealing that overall most of us are unhappy with a general decline in customer service.

One power company on the East Coast had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supposedly improving its customer service, only to be criticized heavily when a major storm caused more outages then ever before and they were unable to get electricity back to many customer in reasonable time. It makes me wonder what it means when a company announces spending a lot to remodel its customer service.

I have my own criteria, a shortened version of the 10 commandments for good customer service. I look for a business that:

  1. Under-promises
  2. Over-delivers
  3. Knows common sense
  4. Appreciates its customers

When I needed an electrician in Burbank a while back, I started with your basic internet search for Electrician Burbank CA – or something like that. I did my research, read all about various electricians in Burbank, their companies and a lot of testimonials. I chose an established company called The Electric Connection. Sometimes you just have to dive in and keep your fingers crossed.

The next day, I was pleased to greet a professional looking Burbank electrician, equipped with his electrical tools, at my front door, right on time. That is always a good sign. He presented me a bit later with a very reasonable electrical bid that included a whole house surge protector, an electrical panel upgrade, some new outlets, an attic fan installation and new custom lighting in my kitchen. I could tell through our interaction he was my kind of electrical service person, the kind that uses common sense. Check off #3.

All the electrical work was done by the end of the day. I love my new kitchen lights and I now have the peace of mind that comes with having a total power surge protection, not to mention all of other great electrical installations he did for me. Next month I will have my sensible Burbank electrician return to have some of our electrical outlets replaced and a ceiling fan installed. I can truly say they deliver more than they promise. You can check off # 1 and 2.

Oh, and yes you can check off #4. The day following the work being completed, I received a call from the office to make sure I was pleased with the work, and to tell me how much my business was appreciated. Give another check for # 3 as well. Sometimes I think really big electrical contracting companies would benefit by observing those common sense activities performed by smaller dedicated electrical services businesses in order to witness just how simple good customer service is. Something tells me they are making it way too complex. No more looking for “electrician, Burbank” at my house now that I’ve found The Electric Connection. Four or five well deserved check marks makes me loyal for life!


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