Home Flooding Requires Wiring Inspection Says Beverly Hills Electrician

electriccon_10_2A flood can happen at anytime in your house. It doesn’t always have to come from a river or creek that has burst over it’s bed and turned your neighborhood into a watery community. Heavy rains can be an issue, but if you live near a water source, you are prepared for such eventualities. What you can’t always prepare for are things like burst pipes and water heaters that have failed. If you are not home when either scenario happens, you could walk into a huge disaster. Your first call may be to a water damage specialist and your insurance company, but you also need to call an electrician in Beverly Hills. We all know water and electricity don’t mix! You can rely on the team at The Electric Connection to help you get your home back in order so you can get on with life after a flood, whether it is minor or a big one.

If your home has experienced any kind of water damage, it is crucial to your safety and the overall safety of the home that you have the electrical wiring inspected by an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can have water damage happen for a variety of reasons. If your home has been flooded with more than a foot of water and the water has been allowed to soak for more than a few hours, you are probably looking at replacing the wiring in the house. If it was a minor flood with the water only rising a few inches, you will still want to have an electrical inspection to ensure all of the wiring is still in good shape.

When you hear you need to replace wiring, it can be a jaw-dropper. However, keep in mind, the walls will likely need to be torn down and new sheetrock put in due to the water damage. This makes it much easier for your Beverly Hills electrician to complete a rewire and it will be much faster. It is far too risky to assume the wiring was untouched after a flood. Call The Electric Connection today if you need an electrical inspection.