How to Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are an increasingly popular way to provide electricity for your home or business, but few people understand the process to install solar panels. It’s a simple process, carried out by professional installers. If you’re contemplating installing solar panels, this brief overview of the process shows you what to expect.

The process starts with a site visit, during which a contractor reviews your energy needs and the structure or area where the panels are to be installed. Keep your electric bills for the last year handy so that determining the size and arrangement of the panels is easier. The custom design is very carefully calibrated to your exact needs and will be reviewed by you and the contractor at the same time.

After all the materials are ordered and delivered, the mounting system for the panels must be installed. To take advantage of solar radiation, panels are carefully oriented and positioned so they can be turned several times of year for maximum efficiency with flush mounts.

A cheaper, but less effective solution is to mount them flat on a roof. This is more aesthetically pleasing, but don’t have the flexibility to change with the seasons.

Once the mounts are in place, the panels are set in place and wired to a system of transformers and batteries. This is the nerve center of your solar array and interfaces with the electric system in your house. If you live in an area where excess solar power is sold to utility companies, there may be additional wiring to send power back to the grid.

Every instance of solar panel installation is slightly different, and the only way to really know what to expect is to schedule a site visit with a solar panel installer that can give you an accurate estimate of the price and scope of installation. Solar power has never been a better investment, so find out how to get on board with it today.