Electrical Contractor Asks Details of Electrical Work Lifetime Guarantee


I’m an electrical contractor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In one of the earlier posts I’ve noticed that you offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. Could you explain to me how it works? As I am planning to implement something similar here. If you can share a copy of you warranty agreement – that would be ideal, but if you cannot I understand that. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Fred Samson


For over 30 years I have offered a Lifetime Guarantee on all my company’s work. Over the years, this has generated a lot of extra sales for our Los Angeles electrical contractor customers. The way our guarantee has been so successful for us is that we have a Lifetime Guarantee on all my company’s [B]work[/B], not the materials used.

We tell customers that we guarantee our own work for LIFE, but we can’t be responsible for materials that we didn’t build ourselves (light fixtures, smoke detectors, dimmers, circuit breakers, etc.). On materials, we back-up whatever the manufacturer’s warrantee is.

I’ll be happy to talk about this with you in more detail if you want. Feel free to call me during business hours M-F.

Good luck with your business.

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