Some of the Panels Used by Solar Installers

Your solar installation contractors probably have the best idea of what panels are going to work well for your home and your power bill, but it can be fun to investigate the different brands of solar panels available to you. Check out some quick reviews of the solar panels on the market:

  • Kyocera – These panels are among the most popular on the market, due to their high power output and five year guarantee. They are certainly not the most efficient, but they come close at 16 percent efficiency.
  • Canadian Solar – With a more rectangular shape, these panels look a little different than most of the competitors. Slightly less efficiency than the Kyoceras are balanced out by self-cleaning surfaces. Most of the time, particles will just roll off the panel, minimizing cleaning time.
  • Grape Solar – A relatively young company, Grape Solar has relatively efficient and durable panels with a 10 year warranty, which is pretty attractive for a lot of consumers. Customers in areas with adverse weather conditions will benefit from Grape Solar panels.
  • Suntech – Suntech makes panels that are fairly competitive with the durability and warranties of other companies. Suntech panels have very high power output over the life of the products, making them a a good long term investment.
  • Sharp – 15 percent power conversion efficiency puts these panels close to the industry average, but the output of 245 watts per panel falls below the leaders of the pack. Sharp panels rate well for durability and maintenance time and costs, as well.

Your best resource for finding the best panels is going to be the solar installers in your area, who know the best models for the weather conditions, sun exposure and your individual energy needs. Give us a call to find what panels will work best for you. We can give you a free estimate in minutes and explore the various deals you might use to get subsidized solar in your home.