Professional and Complete Santa Monica Electrician Service

Finding a reliable electrician that you feel as though you can trust is hard enough, without having to go through the process again and again. Different types of electrical work take different skill sets. Those specializing in new construction have different skills than those that handle existing electrical systems or specialize in electrical troubleshooting. Far better to find a electrician Santa Monica CA contractor that has the experience and skill to handle a broad range of electrical projects, one that is able to handle your present needs as well as those that you’ll have in the future.

The Electric Connection is a full service electrical contracting company that has been doing a broad range of electrical projects throughout the area for three decades. They’ve built up quite a reputation for the high quality of their work. The Electric Connection handles electrical systems for new construction, maintains and repairs existing systems, does commercial electrical work, residential electrical projects, and is trusted with property management related electrical work. Through years of deliberate effort, they’ve built a solid Santa Monica electrician team, well rounded, with plenty of complementary skill sets. This strategy allows them to take on the wide variety of work that they do successfully.

Electrical services include whole house rewiring, electrical upgrades, and a wide assortment of other maintenance and repair tasks for existing electrical systems. The Electric Connection also does home and business remodeling and renovation electrical work, as well as electrical work for new additions and new construction. This Santa Monica electrician company also installs back up generators, surge protection, smoke detectors, and security lighting, as well as other types of exterior lighting, like landscape lighting. They do all sorts of indoor lighting installation and handle a wide variety of custom lighting and electrical system upgrades. The Electric Connection also have experienced electrical troubleshooting experts on staff.

They’ve built up an excellent reputation for customer care and satisfaction through the years, something they’ve been able to do because of the quality of people that they hire. An electrician in Santa Monica CA that is in the employ of the Electric Connection is expected to be highly skilled, with a professional demeanor, and to the minute prompt. In fact, if you arrange for an electrical service call with the Electric Connection, if your Santa Monica electrician is even just a single, short minute late, that electrical service call is free. That is is a fine example of the high standards they expect their electricians to meet.

They care about their customers, and demonstrate that in a wide variety of ways. On their web site, they feature a wealth of information relating to trouble shooting electrical problems and the proper care and maintenance of an electrical system. They offer free over the phone help to their customers, and are readily accessible and easy to contact. The Electric Connection web site features a variety of discount coupons for electrical services and they run regular specials. With every job that a Santa Monica electrician from the Electric Connection does come a free electrical safety assessment, that check such things as the main electric panel, the grounding, and other important safety related features.

The Electric Connection offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their work, and that’s a guarantee that holds some weight, because they’ve been working successfully in the area for 30 years. They have no plans to go anywhere, and no time to think about it. They are far too busy doing electrical work throughout the region, and making sure that each electrician in Santa Monica CA working for them provides the sort of high quality service the company is known for.

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