A Few Reasons to Install Solar Panels

If you live in a sunny climate like we enjoy here in southern California, you might be considering adding solar panels to your home. Home solar arrays are becoming increasingly popular, but is it the right choice for you? Perhaps understanding the reasons to install solar panels might help you make up your mind. Here are a few of the reasons you should install solar panels now:

1. They’ve Never Been More Efficient – Solar panels are now far more efficient at converting solar energy, with at least 12 percent of the available solar energy on their surfaces converted into power. Combine that with dropping prices, now below $6 per megawatt, and the cost of investing in solar has never been lower.

2. Incentives and Tax Breaks – With a variety of federal, state and local incentives, you can now cut the low prices on solar even further. The federal government offers a credit of up to 30 percent off the cost of your system. Add the ample fiscal incentives offered in the state of California to create a truly winning proposition.

3. Stability During Climbing Energy Prices – Electricity climbs an average of five percent a year, while your solar panels will give you the same amount of energy every year, meaning that your saving actually grows with time.

4. Greater Property Value – More people are recognizing the value of solar panels and are looking for homes that have this built in power source. You can be sure that a solar array will add value to your home.

If those reasons aren’t quite enough, you’ll be convinced once you explore the possibility of solar leasing that gives you the potential to install and purchase a home with no money down. Not every home owner is eligible but if you are, you can enjoy growing savings at no initial cost. Call us today to see if you’re ready and qualified for solar leasing.