Glendale Electrician Turns Ms. Scrooge into a Softie

This year at the mall in Glendale, I swear I saw holiday lights go up right after Labor Day. And, how much do you want to bet that Black Friday starts by the first of November next year? Stores all over are initiating it way before I have digested my Thanksgiving dinner which is usually served by 2PM. I thought the point of that famous shopping day was that it kicked off the holiday shopping season, now I am expected to get up from Thanksgiving dinner and head straight to the mall. Actually, if someone else would clean up the mess, that might not be a bad idea.

Okay, accuse me of sounding like Ebenezer Scrooge. It won’t be the first time, since I have told many that I think this well-loved holiday season should only be celebrated every other year. We would still honor any religious purposes annually, but we could skip the hustle and bustle of all the decorating and gift buying. Time goes by so fast anyway, most of us would not even notice. We would all save money, which would help alleviate stress, and Santa would have a well-deserved hiatus. And think of all the electricity costs we would lower if we only put up the lights every two years.

Speaking of electricity, I did soften a little bit about this whole holiday thing. For the first time in 5 years, I decided to put one row of outdoor lighting across my front window. When I added the tree inside with its colorful light bulbs, all went dark quickly. No matter what I did, it soon became clear that I needed to find a Glendale electrician. Bah Humbug evolved into more like Electrician, Glendale, and I was feeling grumpy.

Not knowing any electrician in Glendale, or any where else for that matter, I called a company I found online called The Electric Connection. Bright and early the following morning, a pleasant and knowledgeable young man arrived at my door. I kept reminding myself, all this was because of the holiday season that happens way too often.

Did you know that those colorful strings of holiday lights put a burden on really old electrical circuits? I would definitely be more of a complainer if all this holiday stuff had not been the real indicator of major electrical issues happening at my house. Events happen like they are supposed to, and sometimes we might miss why if we don’t pay attention. My new Glendale electrician enjoyed his time working at my place as I listened to his stories about working as a volunteer with needy kids during the holiday season. He enlightened me to the fact that this season brought out the spirit of giving that was so important, he wished it would happen two times a year. I didn’t dare tell him about my wishes to have it occur every two years. However, I could tell he saw me melt as I asked how I could get involved with his volunteer efforts.

As a result of my holiday season fiasco, I now have a new friend, a great Glendale electrician to use and refer, new electrical circuits, and my “electrician, Glendale, California” has turned into “Happy Holidays” to everyone this year and next.

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