What is Solar Energy? Electrician Glendale Residents Count on Explains

A green home does not imply your home is actually the color green. It means you are doing your best to live in a home that relies on renewable sources like solar energy. Solar power is quickly growing in popularity as more people realize the extensive benefits to relying less on the power grid and more on energy that is free and readily available. There is no fear the sun is going to run out and you don’t have to worry about the sun raising its rates.

If you have ever thought about how you could do a little more for the environment while saving a few dollars, talk with your electrician. Glendale homeowners can count on The Electric Connection to provide them with valuable information and facts about solar energy.

So what is solar energy? Essentially, the sun’s rays are collected via solar panels. The energy is transformed into electricity to power your home. There are systems designed to store the energy your panels collect throughout the day. Your home will stay connected to the main power grid as a backup power source. You will not be without power, which is a misconception many people have. A basic system allows you to switch back and forth between solar energy and electricity from the main power grid.

Solar panels are not giant things that stick out like a sore thumb in your beautiful yard. They are aesthetically appealing and many are mounted right on your roof. Technology has made a lot of advancements and panels often blend right in with the rest of the roof. These are all things you can talk about with your electrician. Glendale residents have come to rely on the services of The Electric Connection for solar panel installation. If you are interested in having panels installed or would like to learn more about this energy option, give us a call today.