Glendale Electrician Looks Forward to Some Hot Air

It happened just like I hoped it would. I had found an electrician in Glendale who was not only efficient at his job, he knew a lot about the area. I was not familiar with Glendale, California, but I was pleased to be outside of busy downtown LA. House sitting for friend who was in Europe gave me the opportunity to help her and enjoy a warmer climate for a month in the winter. The day after I arrived, I began having issues with the electricity. I could not use the coffee maker if the toaster or microwave was on, and a lot of the interior lights flickered. The house was at least 60 years old, and my friend was planning to remodel next spring. Through an email she gave her approval for me to find a Glendale electrician to solve the problem, at least whatever was necessary to keep me safe and cozy.

Even though it was easy to locate many companies by typing “electrician in Glendale CA.” into an online search, I had no idea how to pick the best one. Probably because I love to play with words, I chose to call The Electric Connection in Glendale; anyone who makes the most out of words and their meanings is fine by me. It was the perfect choice. The local Glendale electrician showed up right on time ready to perform major electrical troubleshooting, and as a bonus I got to learn more about Glendale. He shared with me his favorite places to visit. He was still very excited that he had recently been treated to a hot air balloon ride, and that started us talking about balloons.

My hometown is Albuquerque, so I proceeded to tell him about the International Balloon Fiesta that happens there every year. Talk about a whole new kind of light bulb! There is nothing like the night lit up by 600 plus hot air balloons as they all power up the propane and make the balloons glow simultaneously at least two or three evenings at each year’s event. They have other spectacular events too: races to win a car, special shapes, fireworks and early morning ascents into the sky. It is one of the most photographed annual events in the world. Those balloons may be powered by propane, but the event itself is electrifying.

We settled up that afternoon, after this very knowledgeable Glendale electrician had completed some electrical rewiring and a panel upgrade. He also provided an electrical bid at the owners request for an electrical spa hook up, some outdoor lighting, having a chandelier replaced in the dining room, and having some smoke detectors installed where they were needed. On top of that, he gave me the name of the place that provided balloon rides since I told him I had enjoyed several but would love to take one that offered a new landscape to witness. I shared with him information about the next balloon event back home. He seemed pretty intent on making it happen next October. Just a thought — I wonder if The Electric Connection would let this Glendale electrician bring his electrical tools with him when he visits. In the meantime, with my electrical problems solved, I am off to see Glendale from a point above.

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