Beverly Hills Electrician Started Career Early

Is it just a coincidence, or was the script written? She was pretty enough to be a Beverly Hills model, but that was not ever in her plans. I met Daisy when she was barely six months old, precocious little thing with a jolly smile and big blue eyes. I remember seeing her face light up one day as I turned on a table lamp. Deciding to have some fun, I turned it off and back on a few times as she giggled with each event as though it was major. She was fascinated by this activity; she never got bored with this phenomenon that we all took for granted. It really was not that surprising to hear her first words at nine months of age when she pointed to a light that had been flicked on and said with certainty, “Ders de light!”

Most of us live our lives using up electricity without a thought, but then there are those like Daisy, who want to know everything about it. Light bulbs, surge protectors and electrical tools grabbed her attention faster than any toy. One day a local electrician in Beverly Hills spent the day adding some outdoor lighting and new electrical circuits, and even though she was only 3, she followed him around, mesmerized by his work. At age 5, all she wanted for Christmas was a kit that would allow her to build an electrical generator of her very own. When she was 8 years old, she had a sign on her bedroom door that read: DAISY: Electrician Beverly Hills CA.

When she needed to write an essay in Junior High, she jumped at the chance to tell everyone why you should not put metal objects in your microwave. She thoroughly covered how it could prevent the food from heating properly and it might also cause electrical sparks. Her next piece was an overview detailing the benefits of whole house surge protectors. She knew something that every Beverly Hills electrician knew, which was that when an electrical surge hits your home, those little surge protectors are nowhere near as effective. A whole house surge protector even protects cable and telephone lines. When it came to anything electrical, Daisy knew her stuff, including all about Thomas Edison’s influence over the world of electricity and another little known “electrical wizard,” Nikola Tesla, who is considered the “father of modern radio.” Those two were her idols.

Career day in high school gave her the opportunity to visit a company in Beverly Hills called The Electric Connection. A dream come true, she was able to accompany a real live Beverly Hills electrician as he did electrical bids for new recessed lighting, a smoke detector installation, an electrical spa hook up, a ceiling fan installation, an electrical panel upgrade, a house rewire and a lot of electrical troubleshooting. He was so impressed with her knowledge that at the end of the day, he gave her a commendation diploma, reminiscent of that sign on her door and confirming her position: Honorary Electrician, Beverly Hills.

Daisy went on to pursue her science interests in college, get her PHD in nuclear physics and work for a large corporation until just recently. Now she stays home teaching her two kids how to follow their passion, whatever it is. She still uses electricians in Beverly Hills, and looks forward to having a spark ignited between like minds as she carries on stimulating conversations concerning custom lighting or panel upgrades. She hires Beverly Hills electricians mostly for the conversation because one thing is for sure – she can do almost anything when it comes to electricity.

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