Burbank Electrician Talks About Storing Clean Energy

The use of solar and wind power is something that is growing by leaps and bounds. However, one of the biggest limitations of its use is not lack of adoption, but lack of storing the electricity produced by the technology. This is important because the sun is not always shining and the wind is not always blowing. Luckily scientists are working on new ways to do just this—which will enable more of us to use this type of power for our homes and businesses. Learn more about the options for storing this type of power and then talk to your Burbank electrician about whether solar or wind power is something that may benefit you.

The storage option that has been considered most by experts is using the generated electricity to pump water into storage. Then, later when power is needed and the wind isn’t blowing or sun not shining, the stored water would flow through a generator to produce energy. The main problem with this option is that it is not efficient. At least 30 or 40% of the generated power is lost.

Another option is mechanics. However, it is still inefficient. The fact that energy storage is so inefficient is the reason that more people and businesses have not turned to these natural forms of energy. Over time, it is possible that more solutions will work out—in the meantime, these clean energy options are used as a supplement to other “traditional” energy forms.

If you think that installing solar panels or utilizing other forms of clean energy is the right solution for your home or business, call The Electric Connection, the electrician in Burbank you trust for all your electrical  installation and repair needs. You can talk to one of our experts about the possibilities for expanding your clean energy use.