Summer is the Season for Solar Panel Installation

If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your home electrical system with your very own solar panel installation, there is no better time than summer. Here are a few reasons to make those dreams a reality.

The first is that you’ll get the best performance out of your system when the sun is shining the most. Of course, your solar array is going to give you energy savings all year long, especially in sunny southern California but in the summer, you’ll see impressive results right away that will really show you the potential of home solar power.

Without the threat of inclement weather preparing your home and installing your new system is much faster, translating to a more painless process for you. It also means that we have more jobs in the summer, so you might need a little advance scheduling. But all that is beside the biggest reason that you should pursue a solar panel installation:

The sooner you get solar at your home, the sooner you can start saving.

As you know, power prices increase all the time, with an average increase of around five percent a year. While municipal power increases, solar power provides a point of stability for your energy bill. Your solar power will always cost the same amount, so every time municipal power increases, your savings do too.

And with generous tax rebates and solar leasing agreements, you can establish an impressively low cost investment on your solar panel installation. You might even qualify for no down payment. You pay the cost of installation and parts over the life of your solar panel, even as you see instant deductions in your power bill.

As you can see, taking action now translates to intense savings for years to come. Don’t wait another minute. Let us help you take charge of you energy and financial future this summer.