Thinking About Solar Panel Installation?

Deciding whether or not to install solar panels is a big decision for anyone who owns a home or commercial building. The good news is that solar power is becoming more common, meaning that there are more installers and other companies that work with solar power. Because of this, you have more options when it comes to purchasing or financing your solar panels. Kim Hopkins, the owner of Solar Panel Info has set up this website to share his extensive knowledge of acquiring and installing solar panels. One of the most interesting things that discussed is the relatively new opportunity of the solar lease. Options such as this make the cost of solar panels attractive to many more buyers than ever before.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

One of the greatest barriers to solar installation has always been the huge up-front investment that can be required. In recent years, however, there are many companies that offer alternatives to this, such as the solar lease. Programs such as this allow you to actually lease the panels for a monthly fee. This fee is typically based on the size of the system installed, your credit and other factors. The company leasing the panels will send their own solar installers to install the system on your home or business, and maintain ownership of the system. All of the electricity that you generate, however, is your own. In most cases, according to, your new (lower) electric bill, plus the solar leasing costs will be less than your electric bill before your panels were installed. This means that you can start saving money during the first month of ownership.

If you wish to do so, you can also purchase solar panels outright. This can be done through the same companies that lease, or through other solar panel installers in your area. One of the benefits of purchasing your own solar panels is that you can take advantage of many tax benefits, rebate programs and other incentives. While this option may not work for everyone, you still have the ability to finance the purchase of the equipment, as well as the cost of installation.

Will Solar Panels Save Me Money?

According to the experts at, most homes and businesses will start saving money during their first month of solar power generation. This is especially true if you choose to take advantage of a solar lease. In addition to lessening your dependence on electricity from your utility company, many utilities also give you the option to sell your electricity back to them. This can be incredibly beneficial on days that you can generate much more than you use. In most areas, especially during the summer, you will be generating the most electricity during peak hours, and drawing electricity during off-peak hours. Because of this, you will use lower-cost off-peak power from your utility and sell them back higher-cost peak electricity. This is perfect for offsetting cloudy, stormy days that will generate little to no electricity.

If you are looking for a great way to lower your energy bills, while also helping the environment, solar panel installation may be perfect for you. Now is an ideal time to start looking into this type of technology. There are many different incentives, rebates and leasing options that make getting started easier than ever before. If investing in the purchase of your own solar panels has been holding you back, take some time to look into companies that offer solar leasing. Experts in this field, such as Kim Hopkins, can give you some valuable insight and information into the options that you have in your area. If you have any additional questions, you can visit for more great information on solar installation.

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