Understanding the Process to Install Solar Panels

The world of solar panel installation is a mystery to many homeowners, who are understandably intimidated by the process. We’re here to dispel those fears and show you just how easy solar panel installation can be. This is what you can expect when it comes time to install solar panels.

  • Site Visit – During the site visit and design process, you and the contractor will decide what is going to work best for you and your home. There are many design options to choose from, including flat-mount and pole-mount roof models, as well as units mounted closer to the ground. Considerations include the available roof area and the orientation of your home, as well as your desired amount of solar power.
  • Mounting the Brackets – Brackets, or poles, are necessary in all models. Brackets support the panels and are attached directly to the structure of the building. Brackets might accommodate a system for swiveling the panels to take advantage of sun throughout the year in the case of pole-mounted roof models.
  • Installing the Panels – Brackets are made to fit perfectly with the panels, making this phase of the installation seamless. The panels literally slip into place.
  • Wiring the System – The solar panels are wired from their location in your yard or on the roof to your electrical panel. Your house still needs power from the grid and will do so when the panels aren’t generating sufficient power. Additionally, some power companies will buy power from you when generate an excess. Wiring includes a meter to measure the output of your solar panels, so you can track your energy consumption and solar production.

We’ve been showing Los Angeles area residents just how easy this process is and helping them set up systems with no money down and no installation fee. There has never been a better time to invest in solar panels in Southern California, so give us a call to get the ball rolling now.