How to Buy the Right Ceiling Fans by Electrician in Pasadena

You have heard all about the benefits of a ceiling fan. They save money on your monthly electric bill throughout the year. During the winter, the warm air is stirred around the room instead of sitting near the ceiling. In the summer, the fan keeps the air moving and creates a cool breeze. Now that you are ready to take the plunge and buy your own ceiling fan, you are going to need an electrician in Pasadena to help you. Fortunately, you can count on The Electric Connection to get the job done for you in a professional, timely manner.

When you head to the home improvement store, you need to be prepared to sort through upwards of a hundred different fans in varying sizes, colors and designs. First of all, you will want to narrow the fans down by the size of the room the fan will be hung in. Fans will be labeled with the appropriate room size. Small bedroom fans will have short blades, while larger fans designed for the living room will have longer blades.

The height of your ceiling will also influence the fan you buy. If you have cathedral ceilings, a simple fan pull will not work. You will want a fan that includes a remote or that has the capability to have a remote adapted to it. You will also need to determine if you want lights with your fan. It is a very common accessory for ceiling fans. In fact, fans are often placed in position where the light would be located in the room. Lastly, and probably the easiest decision, is choosing the color of your fan. There are plenty of colors and wood stains available.

Once you have your ceiling fan picked out, call an electrician familiar with Pasadena electrical codes to have it installed. Give The Electric Connection a call today and start enjoying your ceiling fan this summer.