Commercial and Residential Restoration

About Commercial and Residential Restoration

We’ve been involved in residential and commercial property management, renovation, and restoration for over 35 years. If you want to get the electrical aspects of a restoration project right the first time, let us be a part of your restoration team.

We understand that there are many facets that contribute to a successful restoration project. Professional and knowledgeable electricians who are familiar with both troubleshooting and restoration are a must. Equally important is having the competent administrative staff necessary to oversee and coordinate all the communication, legal, construction management, scheduling, billing, and customer relations aspects necessary to make sure each restoration project is completed smoothly and on schedule.

Restoration often involves work on older residential or commercial buildings. Along with the obvious “replacement to the original condition” expected with any restoration project, before starting a project we may also bring up to the restoration contractor some other options that the contractor or client may wish to address. Here are some of the issues that we have found that can come up with the electrical restoration of older buildings:

Optional Electrical Upgrades

An ideal time to add any optional electrical improvements to a property is during a restoration. Power upgrades, new lighting, and replacing older electrical devices with new are frequently desired by clients during the restoration project. We understand this and will happily coordinate with the client, the restoration contractor and any insurance provider, as needed, to facilitate these upgrades.

If you’re planning to start a restoration or a complete renovation, please consider giving us a call so that we can help you plan the wiring and help to determine any potential upgrades that may be needed to the electrical system. We’ll come up with a plan that fits in conveniently with your building schedule. The Electric Connection has been helping Los Angeles property managers and restoration contractors successfully upgrade the electrical in their residential and commercial projects for over 35 years.

Commercial and Residential Restoration FAQs

What if my building was built before 1950?
What are aluminum wires?
What if I have Zinsco and Federal Pacific Panels?
My electricial demand has increased. What can I do?

What if my building was built before 1950?

Older buildings may have substandard, outdated wiring that poses a fire danger. The practice at the time was to insulate the wiring with cloth. Over time, the cloth deteriorates and falls away, leaving exposed wires that can arc in the interior of walls and start a fire. Such wiring systems need replacement and taking the opportunity during a property restoration is an excellent time to tackle this task.

What are aluminum wires?

During the 1960’s and 70’s, there was a trend of wiring houses and some businesses with aluminum wiring. This practice has resulted, in some cases, in a serious fire hazard. Removing this aluminum wire and replacing it with copper can help to make the property much more electrically safe.

What if I have Zinsco and Federal Pacific Panels?

Literally millions of Zinsco and Federal Pacific Panels were installed from 1950 – 1975. Both types of panels have been found to be sometimes unreliable and unsafe. A good time to replace one of these brands of panels is during the restoration project.

My electricial demand has increased. What can I do?

If the property restoration will likely result in an increased demand for electricity, an upgrade to the main electrical service or panelboard may be in order. When adding additional circuits to an electrical system, it’s important to evaluate the potential load on the main or sub panel. Overloading an older electrical system could result in frequently tripped circuit breakers.

Commercial and Residential Restoration Reviews

Then I reached out to Electric Connection, got a quote over the phone immediately, walked me through everything they would do, and explained the process in a way I was able to understand without making me feel like an idiot.
Joanna K.
Great people, crew, and work ethic. Fair price, feel like I got to know them.
Michael J. W.
The Electric Connection has been my go-to electrician for almost 20 years. They do great work and guarantee it.
Teresa E.
Professional, efficient, trust worthy and their prices are reasonable. I had a great experience with them. I highly recommend them.
Dan S.
Amazing service, great communication and fair prices. They completed everything on time and as expected.
Michael E.