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Are Extension Cords Safe For Permanent Use

The short answer here is: no. But when it comes to convenience, we want more than just a short answer. Extension cords are built for convenience but also built for temporary use. The problem with extension cords is that they are not listed, labeled, or rated for long-term use. The Uniform Fire Code states that […]

Reviews for Electrical Contractors

In addition to providing services to homeowners and business, The Electric Connection is proud to offer advice to other electrical contracting companies. One of the most important factors when it comes to gaining more customers is having an abundance of positive reviews. While most everything is done online today, word of mouth is still the […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Big decisions are coming your way if you’re purchasing a new electric vehicle. You might have decided on a make and model, but have you given any thought to how you’re going to charge the car? If the city you live in has a lot of electric cars driving on the road, you may be […]

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel? – Los Angeles

Today’s homes are energy vampires. We wake up in the morning, turn on the coffee pot, all the lights, maybe turn on the TV to catch the news. We have become so accustomed to having electricity, it doesn’t even cross our minds how the process of powering our homes work. Unfortunately, if we don’t learn, […]

Whole House Rewiring Service Costs

The electrical system to your house can be an expensive thing to upgrade but might be a necessity to help protect your home’s value and your family’s lives. When you don’t have enough power to run your home, it can be more than just an inconvenience. Tripping breakers can not only just shut off your […]

Smart Renovation Decisions for People with Older Homes

Making improvements to your home can mean a lot of different things. When you have an older home, it’s important to consider how your home’s age can impact the costs of your upgrades.  It’s also important to understand what you can feasibly DIY and know what projects are better left to the professionals. So, take these […]

Fast, Friendly, & Affordable Electrician

For many homeowners, the thought of hiring an electrician often comes after an emergency or when performing a remodeling or new construction. Before you actually need an electrician, it’s important to do the research to find a good one in case something comes up. By finding a professional electrician you can trust, you will be […]

Holiday Discount Coupons

    * The following Promo Codes are valid through January 1, 2019   Fall & Winter Special Promotions: $25 off installation of holiday lighting timer (including Halloween!) – Promo code HLT25F18 $25 off any job – Promo code AJ25F18 $50 off any EV car charger installation of $500 or more – Promo code EVI50F18 $100 […]

Smoke Detector Tip

  Have you ever noticed how smoke detectors seem to give most of their false alarms at about 2 o’clock in the morning when you’re sound asleep? If you’re anything like us, you don’t appreciate getting out of bed, groping around for a ladder or a chair to stand on so that you can fix the problem […]

Holiday Lighting

  LED decorative lights are a fantastic option for your home decorations this Halloween, Thanksgiving and Holiday Seasons. They are safer than non-LED lights, consume less power and produce less heat. There are numerous types for both indoor and outdoor use.   Tips for Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting:   1. Be sure to plug your […]