Ceiling Fans for Fall by Los Angeles Electrician

electriccon_08_1It is the time of year parent’s relish—back to school. Summer has come to an end and it is time to gear up for fall sports and cooler temperatures. It is time to open the windows and enjoy the cool breezes that freshen the home and break up that stale humid air that has been trapped inside all summer long. Along with the cool fall temperatures comes the pesky flies. There is a way to keep your house cool, even on those warm days, while creating enough of a breeze flies won’t want to hang out for long. A ceiling fan will help stir the air in your house, giving you that fresh feeling you have longed for all summer and help deter flies. It is time to get a ceiling fan installed by an electrician in Los Angeles like those at The Electric Connection.

A ceiling fan is a fixture that not only serves multiple purposes, but it also looks great in any room. Your fan will help keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and give the entire room a nice, fresh feeling. You are probably wondering how a fan is going to keep you warm. Well, when your furnace is on or you have your woodstove going, the heat is floating up to the ceiling. That doesn’t do you any good explains an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners do not want to waste electricity or wood by heating the ceiling.

A ceiling fan helps to push the hot air down into the room, making the room and you warmer. In the summer, the breeze feels nice and the spinning blades pull the hot air up to the ceiling where you won’t feel it. A Los Angeles electrician can explain more about how this works. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your ceiling fan installation.