Ceiling Fans for Winter Savings by Electrician in Burbank

If you are thinking you missed the boat to get a ceiling fan installed for the summer, you didn’t. Ceiling fans are excellent fixtures for the winter time as well and can actually help save you money on your heating bill. I know, I know, you are probably wondering how a fan will keep you warm in the winter, but it truly can. Your electrician in Burbank will explain. If you would like to learn more about ceiling fans, give The Electric Connection a call and somebody will be happy to talk with you more about it or any other Burbank electrical needs you may have.

Ceiling fans are designed to circulate the air in a house. Yes, they are great for summer because they do stir up the air and create a slight breeze to cool you down. They also move around the air to prevent it from getting stagnant and stuffy, making you feel hotter and more uncomfortable. In the winter, the concept is essentially the same, but the moving air is warm. Heat rises. So all of that warm air coming out of the vents in your floor is rising to the ceiling where you can’t feel it and appreciate it.

Ceiling fans are equipped with a switch to control the direction in which the blades turn. During the summer, you want the blades turning counter-clockwise. This blows air down into a room and gives you that breeze you so desire. In the winter, the blades should turn clockwise. This pulls up the cooler air in the room and pushes down the hot air towards the outer edges of the area. This prevents you from feeling that breeze the fan generates. This keeps the warm air in the room and the thermostat, which is typically on a wall, will register the room is warm enough and will not be forced to kick on the furnace. This is where the energy savings comes in. If you are ready to schedule your ceiling fan installation, give The Electric Connection a call today.