Panel Images For EV Charger Installations

We ask to see images of your panel so we can ensure there is enough space and power to install your electric vehicle charger.

Please send us an image of all of the circuit breakers in your main panel. If you need to take one up close image of the top half and another of the bottom half, please do so. We need to see all of the circuit breakers and the numbers on them. If you have a subpanel, we will also need to see images of this as well.

The goal is to be able to clearly see each and every panel you have and read all the numbers on each breaker. This will allow us to tell you if you have enough room in your panel(s) to install the charger without any additional work.

Here are some examples of images:

This is a perfect example of what we’re looking for. If you click on the image to enlarge, it will expand and you can clearly see all the numbers on the circuit breakers as well as the main service disconnect at the top.

This one is not so good. If you click on the image to enlarge, you can see that the numbers on the circuit breakers are very blurry and hard to read. If we cannot read the numbers on the circuit breakers, we will be unable to do a load schedule for your job.

Here is a good example of a main panel with a sub panel. These two photos are from one job. Since we were using the sub panel for the EV charger, we need to see both the main and the sub panel to ensure there was enough space and power. Enlarging the photos you can clearly read all the circuit breakers on both images. You can also see the main service disconnect for both the main panel as well as the subpanel.

Main Breaker / Service Disconnect

There is a Main Breaker which determines the total ampacity being provided to your electrical service. This breaker can sometimes have a label next to it of “Main” or “Service Disconnect” in your panel. We need to see this breaker and clearly see the number that is on it. It usually has a 100 or 200 on it but may also have a 125, 150 or 175. The main breaker is usually a larger breaker that is sometimes separated from the rest of the breakers in your main electrical panel. When it is separated from the rest of the breakers, it is usually at the very top of the panel. If you are in a townhome, your main breaker is probably located outside somewhere next to your meter.

Main breaker in a main panel (single family residence)

Meter bank example (townhomes)

Main breaker that is under a black cover next to the meter (townhomes).

Be sure to lift the black flap and take a photo of the number on the breaker