House Rewiring

“From the start I was thrilled with the professionalism of The Electric Connection. Hugo came to assess the work and spent a few hours checking every room in my house and explaining his work as he went along. He made recommendations, promptly gave me an estimate, and the work was booked around my schedule.

The work was done by Ernie and two helpers. Every day they showed up on time, were considerate of me, and my pets. Ernie asked if he could leave some items out for the next day, and when I explained about my pets (all curious cats), he cleaned up completely every day and even taped over all the holes so that my cats were safe.

I’m very pleased with this company. I will be using them for future projects! Thanks to The Electric Connection for making this a good experience.”

— Janis Baker, Beverly Hills, June 6th, 2008

“Excellent service. They came to my house and fixed and reran a lot of my electrical for me. They were on time. I would use them in the future. They were professional. The quality of their work was good. I would recommend them.”
— Bob Juliani, Los Angeles

“The first time I called them in was to confirm that I still had original knob-and-tube wiring in my house. I did. They were able to call the office and give me an estimate on the spot for rewiring.

The next week I was able to get an appointment to have the work done. It took two days–the crew was always here first thing in the morning, and here past 5PM to get the work done.

They were scrupulously clean, rolling plastic everywhere they were going to walk. They had to knock holes in the walls to reach the old wires, which I expected, but they did a rough plaster patch for me in each spot and swept up all the dust and debris afterwards. The workman consulted me often to make sure things were as I wanted them.”

— Alexis Banta, Eagle Rock

“The estimate was done by Ramiro. He and his team showed up on time. They came out to the house and took every switch and plug plate off to inspect the wiring. He provided me the estimate after 30 minutes. He explained the process in detail. Ramiro explained that running new wire through these old walls was not an easy task and holes would have to be made in the walls. He was clear about what would be done and what would not be done.

I called on a Monday to proceed with the job and the team showed up (on time) the next day. Turns out Ramiro was also the foreman for my job. He reviewed again what the process would be and that the job would take 3 days. I then went off to work and left his team to have at it. The team did an amazing job. They were polite, professional and best of all, neat. They placed cloths everywhere and at the end of the day cleaned up before leaving. I am so satisfied with this whole experience. All contractors should be this good!”

— Sandra and Donald Keating, North Hollywood

“I called the Electric Connection to estimate how much it would cost to update the wiring in the entire house. Hugo came out, on time and professional, and estimated $5,000 and approximately 3 days for completion. I was so impressed with Hugo that I immediately booked his company.

When they came out a few weeks later, their work was professional and satisfactory, despite a couple mornings of tardiness. As they worked, my husband and I added a few requests here and there, and the guys readily made the changes we wanted. In the end, we paid $500 more than we thought, most of which was our late add-ons. The job took two more days than predicted. Regardless, the customer service was outstanding and I’d highly recommend them for any job.”

— Janissa & Levon Freeman, Los Angeles