Save Hundreds with Ceiling Fan by Santa Monica Electrician

electricalBS (3)Ceiling fans are your answer to staying cool this summer without costing you a small fortune. You have probably heard about the benefit of ceiling fans in the past, but there is truly a major benefit to having one installed. The energy savings are worth the initial investment, which is actually quite minimal. A Santa Monica electrician, like those at The Electric Connection, can take care of the install for you. All you need to do is pick out the perfect fan for your room.
Here are a few facts that will help you truly understand the benefits to running a ceiling fan.

*A ceiling fan costs about 2 or 3 cents an hour to run. An air conditioner costs about 50 cents an hour. Do the math, to run your air conditioner all day, it will cost you $12. Not much, but when you calculate an average month, that is nearly $360! The fan will cost about $22 a month.

*An air conditioner uses about 3,500 watts when it is running versus 60 watts a ceiling fan uses.

*Fans can be installed in place of the light fixture in the room. Most fans are either equipped with lights or a light assembly can be added to a fan.

If you run your ceiling fan on high, spinning counterclockwise, you can crank up your air conditioner a few degrees and still feel comfortable. While your fan won’t produce cool air, the breeze the blades will create feels cool and you won’t be tempted to turn the AC down. You can discuss this more with your electrician. Santa Monica homeowners may even choose to install fans in bedrooms as well. This makes sleeping much more comfortable. The whir of the blades is soothing and the gentle breeze keeps you comfortable despite the heat. Take the first step to staying cool this summer and call The Electric Connection to have your ceiling fan installed.