Standby Generators Installed by Certified Electrician

electriccon_7If you have been thinking about what you can do to help make your home a little better prepared to handle a major storm, you may want to consider a standby generator. Your home is where you will likely hunker down when the wind starts blowing and the rain starts pouring. Sometimes, the extreme weather can cause trees to fall, which ends up taking down a power line or two. This means your home will not have electricity while the problem is taken care of. Depending on the severity of the storm and the extent of the damage, you could be without power for several days. However, a standby generator installed by an electrician, like those at The Electric Connection, can eliminate that problem.

The generators are enclosed in a metal boxes which helps muffle the sound. If you live in a neighborhood, this is very important. The box also helps protect the generator from the elements and from thieves who are keen to get their hands on the piece of equipment. Everything is taken care of for you during the installation process by your certified electrician. You will need to ensure you purchase a generator large enough to handle the electrical demands of your home. This is all something you can discuss with your electrician.

The generator will be hard-wired into your home’s main electrical panel. When the power goes out, it only takes a split second for the generator to kick on automatically. A transfer switch moves your home from the main power grid to your backup generator. You won’t have to worry about going outside or flipping any switches. If you are not home when the outage happens, you don’t have to worry about the food in your fridge spoiling before you can get there. Give the team at The Electric Connection a call today and learn more about the benefits of a standby generator.