Stay Powered During Power Outage with Electrician in Santa Monica

You have probably heard of standby generators in the past, but have probably also assumed those were things that folks who lived way out of town needed. Unfortunately, as has been proven this winter, power outages are not reserved for those who live in rural areas. Storms don’t pick and choose where they hit. Anybody, even those who live in the city or the suburbs, could experience a power outage. If the outage is short and sweet, it usually isn’t a problem. But when the outage extends for hours or even days, things can become very difficult. An electrician in Santa Monica can help you avoid that trouble by installing a standby generator. The team at The Electric Connection is here to help.

A standby generator is installed outside the home typically in the backyard or along the side of the house. It is enclosed in a metal box and looks like an electric box or similar to the air conditioning unit. The generator will be wired into the electric panel of your home. Before this is completed, you will have some options to discuss with your electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can choose to have the entire panel powered by the generator or just a few breakers. These breakers would run a particular room or set of appliances and/or lights.

Of course, the amount of power you will have at your disposal will depend on the size of the generator you purchase. Typically, the less wattage produced, the less expensive the generator will be. Do not be alarmed when you start shopping around for generators by the pricing. This is an investment into your home. Generators are you way of providing backup electricity to keep your family’s lives as normal as possible despite an extensive power outage. If you have ever experienced one, you can certainly appreciate the initial investment. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your standby generator installation.