Can I Plug a Tesla at Home?

tesla charging at homeTesla is a unique electric vehicle. It is widely admired because of its sleek nature. Like other electric cars, Tesla requires regular charging to run. However, drivers have discovered that charging EV can be frustrating if not done properly.

Tesla electric cars can be plugged at home. There are several public outlets where you can boost your battery but to save time and stress, charging at home is usually best.

There are three ways or rather levels to charging your Tesla at home. They are level 1 and 2.

Level 1 Charging
This is what most homeowners would love to use, but unfortunately, it is not so efficient. Level 1 charging involves plugging the charger to a regular 120V outlets in the home. This is usually called a trickle charge because it is slow. 120V outlets service almost all the electronics of a regular home and Tesla owners can use the NEMA 5-15 adapter that comes with each new vehicle to trickle charge through these outlets. The benefits of using a level 1 charge at home include less costs and convenience. Since most people have the 120V outlets at home there is almost no cost on installation and this is convenient as well.

The most significant disadvantage of this is the extremely slow charge. According to most owners, it takes all night to regain at least 30 miles worth of range. It also takes at least 4 days to obtain a full charge using a 120V outlet.

Level 2 Charging
Level 2 charging is recognized as the best option for plugging your Tesla at home. It involves using a dedicated 240V outlet which provides a greater flow of electricity hence a faster and higher quality charge. The level 2 charge is 15 times faster than level 1 and safer. It takes between 6-30 hours to get a full charge using a 240V outlet. The benefits of the level 2 charge go beyond faster charging to enjoying a complete Tesla experience. You will need the help of an electrician to install a dedicated 240V outlet in your garage or place of choice. This guarantees that the system is reliable and safe for your home. An experienced electrician can also give you tips on how to save costs on electric bills with your new installation.

Level 3 Charging
This is also known as Level 3 Tesla Supercharging. You can get a full battery in as low as 30 minutes but this level of charging is not applicable in homes. They are positioned in strategic public outlets where they can be used. The reason a level 3 Tesla supercharging does not exist in homes is because of the power needed to use it. Hardly anyone is ready to shoulder the costs of providing that kind of power to the home.

When you use level 1 charging for your Tesla, you may not need the service of an electrician but to get a safe and efficient level 2 charging service that allows you truly enjoy your sleek vehicle, you need to contact an electrical technician.