Commissioning Steps for Tesla Wall Connector

Here are a few tips for the commissioning process:

1. You have to stand within 2ft of the Wall Connector during the process.

2. Smart devices (cell phone/tablet/laptop) will attempt to connect back to your home WIFI network during this process, please turn off ‘auto join’ until complete or toggle back to the WIFI settings to verify that it is still connected to the Tesla Wall Connector signal.

3. You may get a warning saying you are not connected to the internet. True, since the Tesla Wall Connector signal is not an internet signal. But once connected, go to the next steps.

4. If the signal times out or is lost, press the button on the wall connector handle for 5secs for a fresh signal.

5. The IP address: works best when you have closed all the other browser windows when using. Other variations may also work: or or

6. Please note the WIFI connection must be 2.4 MHz dedicated signal (not a shared 2.4/5 network) for the wall connector to successfully connect.

If you would prefer step-by-step assistance, the Tesla team can assist by phone: T. 877.961.7652 M-F from 8a-5p PST or Chat is available M-F from 9am-3pm PST

For more information please visit the Tesla website. For a PDF version of commissioning instructions, click here.