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Do I Need Surge Protection in Southern California?

nasa electricity used around the worldPower surges are almost a given, even in Southern California. One minute you could be watching the TV, and the next, your home gets struck by lightning. Before you know it, the power surge is burning expensive electronics like your refrigerators, dryers, washers, computers, and your beloved TV. A power surge is usually a result of things like storms, downed power lines, or lightning and could be prevented using surge protection.

The dangers of a power surge

Most Power surges are not as serious and may last only for a nano-second. However, occasionally, there could be one powerful surge that pushes thousands of volts through your electrical connection, and this can become a disaster.

These powerful surges can destroy your home appliances or electronic devices, pretty much whatever was plugged in, even your computer or gaming console. Sometimes, this increased voltage may even cause your device to catch fire, leading to a full-blown fire hazard.

Apart from the potential of your expensive appliances and devices getting damaged, your safety and that of the entire house are at risk too.


Power surges come with such high risks and you should consider ways to prevent such electrical hazards. The first step is to have a licensed electrician examine your home wiring and prescribe ways to fix it if necessary. You should in surge protection in Southern California.

Power surges are unpredictable, so you will have to use a surge protector all the time. The trick is figuring out which one is best for you. There are two types of surge protectors:

Primary Surge Protectors: These are larger and can protect your whole house, including your appliances. It is considered more effective than others and has access to internal ground wires.

Secondary Surge Protectors: These are unlike the primary surge protectors and can only protect individual appliances that are plugged into them. They are not as effective, although they’re much more portable. With the secondary surge protectors, you get to plug in the most important things like televisions, stereo systems, media centers, and computers. The best way to decide what devices are most important to you is to figure which damage would cost you more; once you have this figured out, you know what devices to plug in.

In conclusion, surge protectors are a necessity to keep your household safe and protect your appliances. Plus, the surge protectors can help to reduce cable clutter and enhance organization with your appliances. This way, it directs all of your cables to one destination, making handling them neatly easier.

To install a surge protector in your house or establishment, you need to hire a professional electrician. It is not advisable to do this yourself because electricity should not be toyed with or handled by individuals other than people who are qualified to. The Electric Connection is a trustworthy electrical company that not only carries out surge protector installations but also guides decisions about what surge protector is best.