The 7 Best Traits to Find in Your Electrician

electrician los angelesA good electrician will have both technical skills as well as personality traits that mesh well with you and your electrical job. There are many different things to look for in an electrician and some may depend on your specific job. Below are the basic elements to looks for in an electrician when choosing one for your next electrical project.

Experience and Qualifications

Perhaps the most important aspect to look for when choosing an electrician is their qualifications as well as their experience on the job. Every electricians’ experience level varies as do their qualifications. You need to find the one that best matches with the job you need to be completed. When you choose a licensed electrician, you can be sure that you will have one that has the knowledge necessary to get the job done.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills and critical thinking will help get your next electrical job done quickly and correctly. When an electrician is able to take in data, observe and understand it, and then fix the issue, you can be sure the issue will get resolved. These skills may go in hand with the level of experience and knowledge an electrician has. The more time one has been working, the more they learn.

Time Management

You want to be sure to choose an electrician that has good time management skills to ensure your job will get completed on time. It may be a difficult skill to master, but a professional electrician should be able to set a schedule and stick to it. Be sure to read reviews to see how well the electrician has been able to keep on schedule.


An electrician that communicates well with you is one to keep around. Find someone who is able to explain the issue you’re having in detail. This way you will be able to understand what is going on and there will be no surprises in the end. Active listening is also a good trait here. If they are able to understand you when you are trying to explain what is happening, the job may be completed in a more timely manner with fewer mistakes.

Safety Code Knowledge

There are a lot of safety codes out there. Being able to remember safety codes is a great aspect for any electrician. The less time spent going back and forth between the job and the National Electric Code, the quicker your job will be completed – and correctly too.


You want an electrician you can rely on. When you set an appointment, you want to be sure the electrician will be there and on time. Read reviews to see if the electrician you have chosen has ever been late or has not shown up for a scheduled appointment. Being on time is a very important trait to have in an electrician.


You want to be able to trust your electrician, so honesty is a must. Find someone who loves what they do and isn’t just in it to make money and upsell you on products that you don’t need. Being honest and ethical are great traits to find in your next electrician.

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