extension cord taped to wall

Extension Cord Storage Tips

extension cord taped to wallIt may seem ridiculous to give safety reminders on how to store extension cords but lots of hazards have occurred because of the lack of extension cord storage. Think about it for a minute, do you own an extension cord? Where do you keep them? Are they safe and accessible where they are kept?

Do you want to learn storage tips for extension cords? Are you willing to learn safety tips for extension cords? We hope the answers in this article help you to stop underrating the importance of safety measures for your extension cord.

4 Safety Tips for Extension Cord Usage

Before you know how to effectively store your extension cords to prevent safety risks, below are safety tips you should consider while using an extension cord.

  1. Avoid wet surfaces: Never use wet hands to handle an extension cord or plug in one on wet surfaces. You should also be wary of plugging in a wet extension cord to avoid electric shocks.
  2. Pull the plug: While unplugging your extension cord, do not pull the cord rather pull the plug connected to the cord.
  3. Avoid use on foot traffic areas: people can easily trip on extension cords so it is advisable not to be used on where there is a lot of foot traffic. You should also keep out of reach of children and Pets
  4. Use good extension cord: You may be tempted to use damaged, frayed extension cords but don’t. It is risky to use these kinds of extension cords as they are hazardous. Also, you can avoid getting the extension pinched or damaged by not running it through a window or door.

3 Simple and Smart Extension Cord Storage Ideas For You

Below are some simple extension cord storage ideas you can try out in minutes with little or no cost.

  1. Loop your Extension Cord
    This is the method of looping your extension cords and then hanging them on a hook in your storage closet or garage. Be careful to loop them in the same direction to avoid tangling when you need them. If they are more than one, you may need to loop them separately on different hooks.
    Also, ensure you use a sturdy hook so it can support the weight of your extension cords. Using this method, you can easily find your cords handy and safe whenever you need them.
  2. Spool Method
    Another method of storing your safe fashion is by spooling it around a cylinder tube, old electric wire spool, or anything in that fashion that can serve such a purpose. All you have to do is spool your extension cords around it in the same direction and you are good to go.Ensure it is not too tight or loose so it is not damaged or loose. You can easily stack it or put it in a cabinet without any safety risks.
  3. Hang like a tie or belt
    This is simple if you have a rotating belt and tie hanger. All you have to do is hang the extension cords like you would hand a tie or belt on the hanger and you are good to go. You can hang multiple cords like this, saving you space.

Did you find the safety and storage tips useful in helping you keep your extension cords safe and accessible? You can reach out to us at The Electric Connection for inquiries and questions concerning extension cords or any other electric concerns.