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Extension Cord Storage Tips

extension cord taped to wallIt may seem ridiculous to give safety reminders on how to store extension cords but lots of hazards have occurred because of the lack of extension cord storage. Think about it for a minute, do you own an extension cord? Where do you keep them? Are they safe and accessible where they are kept?

Do you want to learn storage tips for extension cords? Are you willing to learn safety tips for extension cords? We hope the answers in this article help you to stop underrating the importance of safety measures for your extension cord.

4 Safety Tips for Extension Cord Usage

Before you know how to effectively store your extension cords to prevent safety risks, below are safety tips you should consider while using an extension cord.

  1. Avoid wet surfaces: Never use wet hands to handle an extension cord or plug in one on wet surfaces. You should also be wary of plugging in a wet extension cord to avoid electric shocks.
  2. Pull the plug: While unplugging your extension cord, do not pull the cord rather pull the plug connected to the cord.
  3. Avoid use on foot traffic areas: people can easily trip on extension cords so it is advisable not to be used on where there is a lot of foot traffic. You should also keep out of reach of children and Pets
  4. Use good extension cord: You may be tempted to use damaged, frayed extension cords but don’t. It is risky to use these kinds of extension cords as they are hazardous. Also, you can avoid getting the extension pinched or damaged by not running it through a window or door.

3 Simple and Smart Extension Cord Storage Ideas For You

Below are some simple extension cord storage ideas you can try out in minutes with little or no cost.

  1. Loop your Extension Cord
    This is the method of looping your extension cords and then hanging them on a hook in your storage closet or garage. Be careful to loop them in the same direction to avoid tangling when you need them. If they are more than one, you may need to loop them separately on different hooks.
    Also, ensure you use a sturdy hook so it can support the weight of your extension cords. Using this method, you can easily find your cords handy and safe whenever you need them.
  2. Spool Method
    Another method of storing your safe fashion is by spooling it around a cylinder tube, old electric wire spool, or anything in that fashion that can serve such a purpose. All you have to do is spool your extension cords around it in the same direction and you are good to go.Ensure it is not too tight or loose so it is not damaged or loose. You can easily stack it or put it in a cabinet without any safety risks.
  3. Hang like a tie or belt
    This is simple if you have a rotating belt and tie hanger. All you have to do is hang the extension cords like you would hand a tie or belt on the hanger and you are good to go. You can hang multiple cords like this, saving you space.

Did you find the safety and storage tips useful in helping you keep your extension cords safe and accessible? You can reach out to us at The Electric Connection for inquiries and questions concerning extension cords or any other electric concerns.

Can I use an extension cord to run power outside?

extension cord legalGetting power within the home is easy. You are already set up with outlets, cables, and extension cords. So, all you have to do when you need to put on the TV, use the microwave, or other appliance is plug in and switch on. However, when you need power outside, it’s different. Running power outside depends on a few factors starting from what you need power for, or rather the duration of use.

Power Outside for Short Term Use

Yes, you can use an extension cord to run power outside if you only need power for a short time. This can include quick activities like trimming the bushes or illuminating a party in your backyard. An extension cord built for outdoor use has you covered from hours to up to two days outside. It’s important you note the use of the term outdoor extension because not all extensions are built for the conditions outside your home. An indoor extension should not be used even for only a few hours outside. Purchase an extension cord identified as an outdoor extension cord.

Also, note that even outdoor extension cords built for use outside should not exceed more than a day or two in use. This is to prevent vital parts of the cord from breaking down and leading to electrical fire or shocks.

Other things to consider when using extension cords for outdoor use

  • After ensuring you use an outdoor extension cord, verify the wattage before purchasing it. The cord should be able to accommodate the wattage needs it will be connected to.
  • Next is the length of the cord. Electricians would often advise on using long extension cords outside the home. However, there’s some discretion to be applied to how long or how short the cord should be. A short cord might not meet your needs and a lengthy cord can easily become a cause for accidents, tripping, and falling. Choose the right length according to your needs and be sure to clip a longer cord or its excess to the ground or tuck it neatly away from sight and foot traffic.
  • Also, ensure that the cord is plugged to a GFCI outlet outdoors. A GFCI outlet grounds the current and protects against shock if the cord is exposed to water.

Power Outside for Long Term Use

When you need power outdoors for more a day or two, an extension cord won’t cut it. Perhaps you need to light up the lawn regularly or something else. In this case, you would need a professional electrician to install outdoor electrical cables and GFCI outlets. This is not a DIY task. The electrician will dig trenches 18-30 inches deep depending on the specifications of electrical code. The cable will be encased in solvent-welded PVC conduit and connected from both ends to GFCI outlets. It requires expertise, tools, and experience. Afterwards, you will have a safe and dependable outdoor source of power.

Contact us at the Electrical Connection for further inquiries or installation of an outdoor power source.

Are Extension Cords Safe For Permanent Use

permanent use extension cordThe short answer here is: no. But when it comes to convenience, we want more than just a short answer.

Extension cords are built for convenience but also built for temporary use. The problem with extension cords is that they are not listed, labeled, or rated for long-term use. The Uniform Fire Code states that these types of cords are intended for the temporary and immediate use of an appliance and are not to be permanently “installed”.

If you are constantly finding yourself relying on the use of extension cords, your best bet it to have an additional outlet installed where you need it the most.

There may be another option for you if installing new outlets is out of the picture. Power strips with circuit breakers or breaker switches are approved for long-term use. Since these strips have built-in surge protectors, they are safe to use for longer periods of time.

Again, there may be issues when it comes to using power strips — as with all devices. Even though the power strips intended for long-term use have built-in circuit breakers, overloading these devices can cause problems. If you plug in too many devices, especially device varying in power needs, you can find yourself facing a real problem. Overloading the wiring can cause fires. Be sure to inspect your power strips thoroughly to ensure you have the right one for your devices and keep multiple on hand to not overload one.

It’s best to have a professional electrician come to your place to assess your situation. If you find yourself relying more and more on extension cords and power strips, it may be time to add some more outlets in your home or office. An electrician will be able to look at your set up and recommend the best course of action for you.

The Electric Connection of Los Angeles has been providing homeowners and businesses alike with expert electrical services for over 35 Years. We’ve built a company of highly experienced, certified electricians to serve your electrical needs. There’s plenty of competition throughout Los Angeles, but we make it our policy to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. That has gained us a great reputation. We’ll provide you with quality work at honest prices.

Is Joining Two Extension Cords Illegal?

extension cord legalThe legalities of joining two extension cords vary state by state, most states it is legal to join two extension cords together. The important question to ask, though, is:

Is joining two extension cords safe?

In reality, nothing is really dangerous as long as the limitations of the cords are realized and they are plugged into the proper plug. Different cords and configurations will have different outcomes but in order to be completely safe, it is best to read as much as you can about the extension cords you have on hand.

It is important to use properly rated extension cords in any situations, especially if you are joining two together. Check the extension cord’s label for the wattage the cord can handle. If you can’t find any information, you might want to dispose of the cord as it might be very old. Make sure the two extension cords you want to use are the same rating. Be careful of the trip risk and everything should be fine.

It’s very easy to just plug in any extension cord into another one but this is not recommended. Cords can easily get overloaded as you are added on additional elements to the total power coming from the outlet. If you are to use an underrated extension cord there is a possibility for danger. Improper use on extension cords can lead to an excessive voltage drop which can cause overheating and fires. Be sure to check the wall for the temperature after 10 or 15 minutes of use. If it feels warm, you are nearing the maximum level for the cord and should not add any more devices.

To ensure you are properly using an extension cord, it might be best to just get one that is long enough to reach whatever you are trying power up. This way you won’t have to worry about finding the ones with the correct amperage to work together. You will also reduce the chances of tripping and unplugging one from the other.

Also, be sure you are using the extension cord with recommended devices. Never user an extension cord to power the following items:

  • Welders
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioner
  • Refrigerator

If you are unsure if you have the correct extension cords, please contact an electrician who can help you out. A professional electrician can give you more information and advice about extension cords and the possibility of just adding more outlets in your home. Additional outlets can bring power to the places you need them most and remove the risk caused by adding too many extension cords and power strips. If you are unsure, be safe and ask an electrician first.

The Electric Connection is proud to serve the Los Angeles area. We have been in business for over 30 years and have over 100 positive reviews. If you need electrical advice or services, please contact us today.

Purchasing Your Next Extension Cord

purchasing an extension cordWhether you’re at home or work – it doesn’t matter – we all find ourselves facing the problem of being too far away from an electrical outlet. You may want to charge your phone while using it while sitting on the couch, but the nearest outlet is across the room.

This is usually due to the fact that when houses are constructed, the crew is only thinking about making them large and spacious to allow it to be filled up with furniture and appliances. In the process, the addition of additional outlets is forgotten which creates a great inconvenience.

Many of our devices are portable, which means the cords used to charge them can be very short. Luckily there is a solution: extension cords.

Extension cords are the savior to electrical gadgets and devices when it comes time to charge. These cords allow for a smooth and uninterrupted distribution of power even when an electrical outlet is far away from where we need it to be.

It can also be very helpful when one or more electrical appliance needs to be used in the same room. Extension cords can supply power to all your devices so you can watch TV, use your computer, and play a DVD all at the same time.

At work, when you are giving a presentation, you can find an extension cord helpful as it connects the mic, computer, and protector to a power source. It’s very easy to see how extension cords have quickly become a very important part of modern life.

When looking for your next extension cord, it’s important to determine what exactly you need out of it. There are many different factors in choosing an extension cord. You may need one for length or one to use with multiple devices. Be careful choosing an extension cord if you are looking to use it mainly outdoors – there are ones designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Extension cords also come in a variety of different colors as well as have features such as lights when power is running through.

In order to determine which extension cord is right for you, right down every time you have needed a power source but it was too far away or when you have needed an additional power source but all the existing outlets were occupied. This should help you determine what type of extension cord to buy.

The Electric Connection of Los Angeles has been proud to serve the area for over 30 years. Our electricians are experts in the field and provide our customers with excellent advice and services. If you have any questions, please contact us at (818) 446-0888.

5 of the Best Extension Cords

extension cordHow many extension cords to do you think you have in your home? It’s best to have at least one but there are so many different types out there. Extension cords are super easy to use and while it might seem okay to just grab one from the dollar store, you should probably know a few things about the device you’re bringing into your home.

These next five devices were carefully researched in order to ensure the extension cord worked as promised. If you’re looking to purchase a new extension cord, read the reviews below!

Iron Forge Cable
Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord

This extension cord is potentially the best extension cord on the market today. It has a long and heavy duty cord to handle just about anything you could imagine plugging into it. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well as LED lights that show when power is running through it.

It is more on the expensive side but is well worth the money. There are alternatives that bring the price down – such as shorter lengths.

Watt’s Wire
Heavy Duty Triple Outlet Indoor / Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord

Man, that’s a mouthful! This extension cord is a great alternative to the one made by Iron Forge. It also has an LED light that shows when power is running through it as well as comes with a triple-outlet feature. It has powerful weather protection that can handle most electronics, including power tools.

This cord is on the expensive side as well but, like the Iron Forge cord, comes in shorter lengths that will help save some money.

US Wire
50-foot Orange Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This is your basic, but reliable, extension cord that will last for a very long time. It’s probably the best value your money can buy. It has a decent price but also is very weather resistant.

While this cord doesn’t have all the frills as the previously mentioned, it will still get the job done.

Aurum Cables
25 Feet 3 Outlet Extension Cord – Indoor / Outdoor Use

These cords are decent for indoor use but are only good for limited outdoor usage. Available for a great price, these extension cords feature a three-outlet design in black or white.

The Aurum Cables are not a heavy duty cable and are very limited for outdoor use.

Coleman Cable
Welder Extension Cord

This is an industrial-sized extension cord that is mostly used outdoors. It comes with an extremely heavy duty quality and has molded ends as a safety feature.

It can be pretty stiff at the beginning so be aware that you might have to work it out.

If you’re looking for your next extension cord, give the ones above a try. Consult a professional electrician for any advice in regards to using electrical extension cords. If you find yourself using too many cords, talk to your electrician about installing additional outlets where you need power.

The Electric Connection is proud to serve to Los Angeles area. We have been providing electrical services to Los Angeles homeowners and businesses for over 30 years. If you need any assistance choosing your next extension cord, please call us at (818) 446-0888.

Extension Cord Safety Tips by Burbank Electrician

This is the time of year we tend to pull out the extension cords in order to get ready for all of our holiday lighting needs. It is fun to decorate and to compete with the neighbors for the brightest house on the block, but it can be risky if you are not careful. These are a few tips provided by an electrician in Burbank that can help keep your home safe this holiday season as you light it up. If you have concerns, you can always call the team at The Electric Connection to ask for an electric inspection.

1. Do not run extension cords across your driveway where it will be ran over.
2. Only use the round outdoor cords outside. The flat cords are not properly insulated and cannot handle the outdoor weather.
3. If you find you are having to leave windows open a crack to plug in the cords, consider have new outdoor electrical outlets installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will appreciate how much easier it is to decorate with outlets readily available.
4. Always unplug the extension cords when they are not in use. Do not leave them plugged in and “live” with nothing plugged in to the cord.
5. Do not string more than one extension cord together. If one isn’t long enough, buy one that is.
6. Do not overload an extension cord by plugging in more than three strands of lights connected together.
7. For indoor cords, make sure the cords are not in a busy walk area. Never run them under rugs explains a Burbank electrician.
8. Do not use a cord that has visible signs of damage. Electrical tape around a frayed cord is not safe. Discard the cord and buy a new one.

Have fun and be safe decorating your home this season. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need more outlets or have electric safety concerns.

Read This Before Running Extension Cords says Beverly Hills Electrician

electriccon_08_6It’s exciting to deck out the front yard, the house and of course all over inside the home with pretty holiday decorations. Bright lights and big, extravagant moving decorations are something many homeowners take pride in. For some, it is a bigger is better. There is certainly some friendly competition between neighbors, which can be great for visitors who love to see the grandeur. However, there can be some safety concerns when that must electricity is being used. One of the most important things to remember this season is electrical safety. Your electrician in Beverly Hills wants you to be safe this season. The team at The Electric Connection can help make your holiday decorating easier and safer.

Extension cords can help connect those lights and big decorations, but you want to be sure you use the right cord for the job. Outdoor electrical cords are specifically designed to withstand the elements. Never use flat cords that are only to be used outside to try and plug in lights outside. Stick with the big, heavy round cords that are typically 3-prong.

Never connect more than 2 cords together. Ideally, you will only want one cord connected to a light socket. If you find your cord is simply not long enough, call an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can have additional outlets installed in the outer edges of their yard and landscaping, which makes decorating a breeze and can prevent having to use an extension cord altogether.

Never connect more than three light strands together. This could overload the circuit. LED strands are a little more forgiving because they take very little energy to run. Again, call your Beverly Hills electrician to install more outlets if needed. It is cost effective and makes decorating a breeze. Give The Electric Connection a call today if you have questions or want those additional outlets before it is time to deck the halls.

Extension Cord Safety Tips by Santa Monica Electrician


Using an extension cord now and again is pretty common around the house. You may need it to run some power tools in the shop or run some yard equipment. In the house, you may need to use an extension cord as a temporary fix to an increased need for an outlet in an area of the house that is currently without. Extension cords come in handy around the holidays when you need to plug in the various decorations you put out in the yard and around the house. While the extension cords are relatively safe, there are a few other things you need to know to ensure you are using them correctly. An electrician in Santa Monica has some safety tips for you. If you have any questions, you can call The Electric Connection.

1-An extension cord is a temporary fix. It isn’t meant to become a permanent outlet. If you need more outlets, call an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can request to have additional outlets installed around the home, inside and out.

2-Do not run the cords across main pathways in or out of the house. Not only do they pose tripping hazards, but they will also wear down. An exposed wire is an electrocution or electric short and fire waiting to happen. Run the cords along a wall. If it must cross a pathway, use a cord protector to keep it from being directly stepped on.

3-Do not plug several extension cords in together to reach an area. Buy the right cord for your needs from the very start.

4-Your Santa Monica electrician reiterates the need to use outdoor extension cords for outdoor use. Don’t use a flat cord that is designed for indoor use in the outdoors. They are simply not built to withstand the elements and you risk an electric shock or the device shorting out and potentially starting a fire.

Extension cords are handy to have around in a pinch, but make sure you use them correctly and follow these safety tips. Give The Electric Connection a call if you would like a more permanent fix to your electrical needs.

Safe Extension Cord Usage Tips by Beverly Hills Electrician

electriccon_2With winter here, you will probably be decking your halls. That requires electricity in places you don’t normally need it. You will also want to add more light strands than you have outlets for. What do you do? You pull out the extension cords and get busy. However, extension cords are not always safe. There are rules you should follow when it comes to using extension cords to power your decorations or that space heater by the couch. Your electrician in Beverly Hills has some helpful safety tips for you. You can call the crew at The Electric Connection to learn more.

The most important rule is to only use extension cords designed for the outdoors outside. These cords are insulated and can withstand the rain and cold. Indoor extension cords do not have the same insulation and can short out if it rains explains your Beverly Hills electrician. You can identify the cords by looking at the information printed on the cord or simply by checking to see if it is round or flat. Round cords are generally outdoor and flat are indoors.

Extension cords should not be run along high traffic areas. You don’t want them being walked on, which could damage the cord and result in a short. Do not overload the extension cords either. If you are running something big, like an inflatable, it should be the only thing plugged into the cord. Always keep in mind, extension cords are not a permanent solution. If you need more outlets, call an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can rely on The Electric Connection to listen to their needs and find a solution.