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Important Facts About Pasadena & Recently Completed Electrical Jobs

pasadena city hall buildingAs an old American city, Pasadena gained its popularity mostly through its annual Tournament of Roses, which is a combination of the Rose Bowl, a football game, the Rose Parade, and other outdoor events.

This historic city is one of America’s finest, with many centers of attraction and innovations, including the Pasadena Playhouse, the California Institute of Technology, Huntington Library, and the Norton Simon Museum.

With a population of about 142,000 people, with its Craftsman bungalows and an allure of prosperity, the city of Pasadena draws in both tourists and new settlers daily.

5 Major Facts About Pasadena

Pasadena means ‘valley’ in the Ojibwa Indian language from the Chippewa tribe. Over the years, it has been interpreted as ‘Crown of the Valley’ or ‘Key of the Valley’. This modern interpretation is represented as a crown and a key on the city’s official seal.
Below are some facts that make Pasadena a sought-after city:

  1. Residential Homes Appreciate Yearly
    It is not cheap to live in Pasadena as the cost of housing increases daily. Housing prices and rents are competitive because it is a prime city, especially because of the engineering, scientific, educational, and historic properties/institutions in the city.
    This is beneficial for natives and residents because their houses appreciate whether or not they constantly renovate them.
  2. It is tourist-friendly
    The Rose Tournament, side attractions, and historic sites make Pasadena a widely visited tourist destination. Also, the city is large enough that you would mostly need public transportation to get around.

    However, it is also quite pedestrian-friendly because most entertainment spots, such as the Playhouse District, are within walking distance of motels and hotels. If you want to visit farther attractions such as Hollywood areas that require visitor access, you can decide to tour by bus or train.

  3. It is home to celebrities
    Pasadena has increasingly attracted more celebrities over the years because of the small hometown charm it still exudes. With prized properties that have historical significance, it is no wonder that Hollywood stars such as Meryl Streep and Kristen Wiig, as well as various celebrities, want to call Pasadena home. Who knows, you might just bump into a star on your way from the grocery store!
  4. Small town charm friendly people.
    Reviews from different people who have visited and lived in Pasadena attest to the fact that Pasadena has not only the small-town charm you like, but that its people are equally charming. They also seem to care about how you’re faring. It will be easy to settle in or get any information you might need.
  5. Easy access to basic amenities.
    Apart from its charming citizens, Pasadena also has mostly everything you’ll need within walking distance or a few minutes at the most. You have access to several restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, freeways, and even plumbing services!

How Easy It Is To Get Electrical Services In Pasadena

When you’re just visiting a new place, you never plan for any mishap that might occur. Pasadena has a long list of electrical services so much that you won’t find it hard to get an electrician near you.

The Electric Connection has been around in Pasadena for years and we respond as soon as you call on us.

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