Why Older Homes May Need Rewiring Explains Electrician in Beverly Hills

Time, experience and technology are constantly improving the way we do things. This includes how we build homes. We need electricity in our homes, but at times, it can prove to be dangerous. Because of this, we are constantly learning new ways of making electricity in the home a little safer. New guidelines and updated code requirements are designed to make homes safer, but older homes that were built more than 30 years ago are still using outdated wiring methods. An electrician in Beverly Hills can help you determine what kind of wiring is in your home and whether or not it is outdated and in need of updating. You can rely on The Electric Connection to tell you what you need in order to make your electrical wiring as safe as possible.

An initial inspection will need to be done to verify the condition of the home’s wiring. There is a chance it has been updated at some point. One of the biggest hazards that may be lurking behind your walls is cloth-insulated wiring. This is typical in homes built before 1950. The cloth breaks down over time and leaves wires bare and prone to electrical fires. If this is the case and the cloth insulating the wires has become brittle, it is important to have the home rewired.

Beverly Hills electrical codes do not typically require homes with outdated wiring to be redone, but it can save you a great deal of money on your homeowner’s insurance as well as give you peace of mind that your home is not a fire risk. If you are not sure about the status of your current electrical wiring, call for an inspection. An electrician, like those at The Electric Connection, can give you the details you need to make an informed decision about what to do.