recessed lighting installed in home

Recessed Ceiling Light Issues

recessed lighting installed in homeRecessed ceiling lighting is a common feature in most modern homes because of its suitability in any part of a house. The recessed ceiling light fixture is popular for its cost-effectiveness as it has a high illuminating quality. It is also more reliable than some other ceiling lighting options and gives a beautiful aesthetic effect to the home.

This ceiling light type makes every room look well lit and effortlessly beautiful.

But regardless of how effective and aesthetically functional recessed ceiling lighting can be, it usually develops some common faults. Like most home electrical appliances, recessed ceiling light requires regular maintenance, and sometimes, repair or replacement. This article explains why and when you have recessed ceiling light issues.

Why Is Your Recessed Ceiling Light Not Working?

If you or a licensed electrician fixed your recessed ceiling light properly from the start, it shouldn’t have issues such as blinking on and off for a long time. However, there are certain reasons why your recessed ceiling light is having issues. Below are some of them:

  • The bulb blew up or got damaged. 

Bulbs are designed to blow up or burn out from full-term usage. Once a bulb completes its lifecycle, it can die out with no external influence, such as overheating. However, one of the main reasons your recessed ceiling light goes off is because the bulb has suddenly burned out.

Always inspect your light bulb when this happens, but ensure you keep the switch off and let the bulb cool before extracting the bulb from the enclosed case. If there are black or grey spots on the glass, it means the bulb has burned out. All you need to do is buy a new bulb and replace it.

  • You have a weak and damaged socket. 

A weak or damaged socket is hardly the number one cause of recessed ceiling light issues, but it is a big possibility. When sockets malfunction, it affects outlets connected to them. Watch out for buzzing sounds coming from your wall sockets and light switches. They might indicate a faulty socket and explain why you’ve been replacing your ceiling bulbs too often.

  • Inaccurate Wattage.

Using a bulb with an inaccurate wattage in the wrong place can lead to overheating, which causes your bulb to burn. Always check to ensure that the wattage of your light bulb matches the recommended light fixture rating. You might need to go for a lower or higher wattage light bulb if your recessed ceiling light is getting blown constantly, or isn’t working.

  • Your light trim is sagging.

You will experience recessed ceiling light issues if the light trim is sagging. The ideal thing is for your recessed ceiling lights to stick firmly to your ceiling. When the light trim sags, it will disconnect your bulb from the light fixture.

This causes the off-and-on blinking you might experience. You should get such lighting issue checked immediately as it could be a potential fire hazard waiting to happen.

Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your Recessed Ceiling Light Issues Yourself. 

It is easy to think you can get these lighting problems fixed yourself by watching a few YouTube videos or reading a step-by-step how-to article.

However, it is always better to get a licensed electrician near you to check and fix the ceiling light issues for you. Getting an experienced electrician will also save you time and stress. Contact The Electric Connection for all your recessed ceiling light issues.