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Top Electrical Safety Tips For Homes And Businesses

electrical safetyAs an electrical contractor, I have seen firsthand the dangers that electrical hazards can pose to homes and businesses. Electrical safety should be a top priority for all property owners, whether it’s a small residential home or a large commercial building. In this article, I will outline some of the top electrical safety tips for homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area.

  1. Regular Inspection of Electrical Systems: The first and most important step in ensuring electrical safety is to have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system regularly. If you own an older home or building, it is essential to have an inspection done to ensure that your electrical system is up to code and safe to use. Even if your property is relatively new, regular inspections can help catch potential electrical issues before they become major problems.
  2. Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets: Electrical outlets are designed to handle a certain amount of power, and overloading them can cause serious problems. One common mistake that property owners make is to plug multiple devices into a single outlet using extension cords or power strips. While these items can be convenient, they can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Overloading an outlet can cause overheating, which can lead to a fire. Instead, use power strips with built-in circuit breakers and plug in only essential devices.
  3. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs): Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are designed to shut off the power quickly in the event of a ground fault. This can help prevent electric shocks and other electrical hazards. GFCIs should be installed in all wet and damp locations, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re not sure whether your property has GFCIs installed, contact a licensed electrician to have them installed.
  4. Keep Electrical Cords and Cables in Good Condition: All electrical cords and cables should be in good condition and free from damage. If you notice any fraying or other damage to your cords, replace them immediately. Damaged cords can cause electrical shocks, fires, and other hazards.
  5. Keep Electrical Appliances Away from Water: Water and electricity don’t mix. Keep all electrical appliances away from water, and never use them near a pool or other wet areas. If you need to use an electrical device in a wet area, be sure to use a GFCI outlet.
  6. Don’t Attempt Electrical Repairs Yourself: Electrical repairs should be left to licensed electricians. Attempting to fix electrical problems yourself can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death. If you are experiencing any electrical issues, contact a licensed electrician to have them fixed.
  7. Use the Correct Wattage for Light Bulbs: Using light bulbs with a higher wattage than recommended can cause overheating and potentially start a fire. Always use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your fixtures.
  8. Keep Flammable Materials Away from Heat Sources: Flammable materials, such as paper and cloth, should be kept away from heaters and other electrical appliances that generate heat. This can help prevent fires and other hazards.
  9. Have a Plan in Place for Power Outages and Electrical EmergenciesPower outages and electrical emergencies can happen at any time. It’s important to have a plan in place to ensure the safety of everyone on your property. Make sure you know where your circuit breaker is located and have a flashlight and extra batteries on hand in case of a power outage.

In conclusion, electrical safety is a crucial issue for all property owners in the Los Angeles area. By following these electrical safety tips, you can help prevent electrical hazards and keep your home or business safe. Remember, always leave electrical repairs to licensed electricians, and don’t hesitate to contact one if you are experiencing any electrical issues.

hanging chandelier

Who Can Hang My Chandelier?

hanging chandelierChandeliers can be pretty easy to complex to hang, unlike good ol’ regular light bulbs. So, it’s normal to be uncertain about whom to install your chandelier.

What is a Chandelier? 

When it comes to lighting, nothing creates a more attractive display than a chandelier. Many buildings (industries, companies, hotels, institutes) have adopted diverse means of furnishing and decorating their internal area, all driving the aim of depicting an excellent and beautiful appearance.

Chandeliers are mostly referred to as a physical representation of the sun. They come in different forms, sizes, shapes, and designs.

Some of the many types of chandeliers include Modern chandelier design, Rustic chandelier design, Craftsman chandelier design, and many more.

They all serve the same function, which is typically to capture the significance of light. They remain a beautiful design of adornment. A chandelier hangs from your ceiling and can create a defining statement for the parts of a home or building its installed in.

Who Can Hang My Chandelier?

You can hang a chandelier but only a professional electrician or someone with prior experience and knowledge can hang it the right way.

When installing a chandelier, it’s important to hire an expert electrician to carry out the job to avoid wrong connection or damage.

Chandeliers are not exactly the cheapest lighting on the market, so it’s important to get your installation right.

Where can I hang my chandelier?

When chandeliers were first invented, mostly the wealthy were the only ones to use them.

Fortunately, with development, advancement and growth, chandeliers have become very affordable for you to purchase, giving you the chance to install it in every part of your apartment.

You can give your apartment a unique appearance by installing your chandeliers in places like your living rooms, bedroom, hallway, dining room, and even on your balcony.

To make this more elegant, we advise you to place your chandeliers 30- 32 inches above your table level.


Hiring an expert electrician for the proper installation of your chandelier should be your top concern when choosing a chandelier decoration.

If you’re unsure about the size or type of chandelier to buy for a particular space, you should reach out to an electrician first.

Improper installation of a chandelier could lead to irreversible faults or outright damage, but with The Electric Connection, you need not worry. Schedule a call with us now.

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Recessed Ceiling Light Issues

recessed lighting installed in homeRecessed ceiling lighting is a common feature in most modern homes because of its suitability in any part of a house. The recessed ceiling light fixture is popular for its cost-effectiveness as it has a high illuminating quality. It is also more reliable than some other ceiling lighting options and gives a beautiful aesthetic effect to the home.

This ceiling light type makes every room look well lit and effortlessly beautiful.

But regardless of how effective and aesthetically functional recessed ceiling lighting can be, it usually develops some common faults. Like most home electrical appliances, recessed ceiling light requires regular maintenance, and sometimes, repair or replacement. This article explains why and when you have recessed ceiling light issues.

Why Is Your Recessed Ceiling Light Not Working?

If you or a licensed electrician fixed your recessed ceiling light properly from the start, it shouldn’t have issues such as blinking on and off for a long time. However, there are certain reasons why your recessed ceiling light is having issues. Below are some of them:

  • The bulb blew up or got damaged. 

Bulbs are designed to blow up or burn out from full-term usage. Once a bulb completes its lifecycle, it can die out with no external influence, such as overheating. However, one of the main reasons your recessed ceiling light goes off is because the bulb has suddenly burned out.

Always inspect your light bulb when this happens, but ensure you keep the switch off and let the bulb cool before extracting the bulb from the enclosed case. If there are black or grey spots on the glass, it means the bulb has burned out. All you need to do is buy a new bulb and replace it.

  • You have a weak and damaged socket. 

A weak or damaged socket is hardly the number one cause of recessed ceiling light issues, but it is a big possibility. When sockets malfunction, it affects outlets connected to them. Watch out for buzzing sounds coming from your wall sockets and light switches. They might indicate a faulty socket and explain why you’ve been replacing your ceiling bulbs too often.

  • Inaccurate Wattage.

Using a bulb with an inaccurate wattage in the wrong place can lead to overheating, which causes your bulb to burn. Always check to ensure that the wattage of your light bulb matches the recommended light fixture rating. You might need to go for a lower or higher wattage light bulb if your recessed ceiling light is getting blown constantly, or isn’t working.

  • Your light trim is sagging.

You will experience recessed ceiling light issues if the light trim is sagging. The ideal thing is for your recessed ceiling lights to stick firmly to your ceiling. When the light trim sags, it will disconnect your bulb from the light fixture.

This causes the off-and-on blinking you might experience. You should get such lighting issue checked immediately as it could be a potential fire hazard waiting to happen.

Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your Recessed Ceiling Light Issues Yourself. 

It is easy to think you can get these lighting problems fixed yourself by watching a few YouTube videos or reading a step-by-step how-to article.

However, it is always better to get a licensed electrician near you to check and fix the ceiling light issues for you. Getting an experienced electrician will also save you time and stress. Contact The Electric Connection for all your recessed ceiling light issues.

Virtual Events in Los Angeles

If virtual events were hardly a big deal before, they sure are now. Several guidelines to help protect everyone from the pandemic have made it impossible to enjoy most events in public as we did before. Consequently, many scheduled events have been canceled, some postponed, and others going virtual.

In Los Angeles, there are still many things that give a sense of normalcy. Our safe and efficient electrical services at The Electric Connection are one of such. Plus a wide range of virtual events available through various channels or media.

  • LA Food Bowl

The food bowl you’ve always known involved gathering together over a meal. It is targeted at celebrating restaurants and promoting a sense of community. With COVID-19 restructuring the way we do everything, it’s not possible to hold the food bowl event as before. Hence, a virtual version was created alongside a donation program to hold the LA Food Bowl where you are. The event is scheduled for October 17th and features a Cook-a-thon with 30 chefs and celebrities. There’s also a tasty takeout list to keep you satisfied and help local restaurants through this time.

  • We Can Teach You That

Traveling during this time is possible, but traveling safely is what you need to do. LA Times travel writer Christopher Reynolds will show you How To Travel Safely (If You Must) in a virtual event come October 27, 5:00 pm. This event is part of a new virtual series – We Can Teach You – hosted by the LA Times. You can stay updated with this virtual series to gain new and useful knowledge. This travel safe course will include;

  • How to reduce risks as you travel post-pandemic
  • How to fly safely
  • Day trip ideas
  • Real-life stories/experiences traveling since March
  • Advice from local and state officials
  • Update on travel restrictions both locally and internationally.


  • Eat See Hear

Just as it sounds, this virtual show is about a good meal and a good watch or show. The Los Angeles Times kicks off another season of Eat See Hear. You will receive highlights for food trucks and restaurants across LA with the perfect menus for a SHOWTIME Sunday lineup.

  • Festival of Books, Stories, and Ideas

For the last 25 years, the LA Times has brought the Festival of Books, Stories, and Ideas to book lovers, authors, and others interested. Now, due to the pandemic hosting a physical event won’t be possible but that isn’t stopping this 25th festival of books from happening. The event has gone virtual beginning October 18th and lasting over the next 4 weeks. You can follow the festival on social media and secure your virtual seats for this free event.

More and more events are scheduled every day to ensure you keep going and not miss a thing.


Spring Discount Coupons

You may choose which promo coupon to use or we will apply the biggest applicable discount to your job. Don’t forget to let us know that you would like to utilize this with our electrician when we’ve scheduled a crew to your job location.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about pricing, scheduling, or anything at all! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and we hope to hear from you soon!

Our Electricians Appreciate Your Feedback

electrical reviewsFeedback is a vital part of any company’s growth and progress and at The Electric Connection, our electricians appreciate your feedback. We constantly seek to hear your thoughts on your experiences, our services, and the things you think we could do better or cut down on. This information is of great value to help us serve you and all our customers better.

Why your Feedback is Important

Your feedback goes a long way to help us improve our services. At the Electric Connection, we strive to provide only the best electrical service and leave our customers satisfied and happy. With your feedback on how you feel about this service or your experience with our electrical technicians, we can always better understand what works and what doesn’t. Your opinion lets us know if we are meeting or perhaps exceeding your expectations and these negative or positive words help us serve you better.

The Electric Connection is a customer-focused company and so we consistently measure your satisfaction. If you are satisfied you can always depend on us for your electrical needs and refer our services to friends and loved ones. Your feedback ensures that we do not disappoint when you refer us. We keep all our customers happy with the information we get from them.

Our company is all about us and you. We want you to rest assured that we value your opinions and appreciate your feedback.

Your feedback can come in any form such as a review, a message to us when you call or and an email, or fill a feedback form. We take all comments and any information you leave seriously as it is how we can hear your opinions.

We believe there are always ways we could do better and that is why we value your feedback so much. All requests are taken into consideration. We have a highly efficient system and transparent procedure that helps us prioritize your feedback after evaluation and even combine them with our insight and ideas for top-notch results.

Part of our culture is listening to our customers. Our electricians appreciate your feedback.

The Electric Connection Earns 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award

The Electric Connection Earns 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award
Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Los Angeles, CA, 2/6/2020 – The Electric Connection is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List in 2019.

“Service pros that receive our Angie’s List Super Service Award represent the best in our network, who are consistently making great customer service their mission,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “These pros have provided exceptional service to our members and absolutely deserve recognition for the exemplary customer service they exhibited in the past year.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2019 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include maintaining an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade and review period grade. The SSA winners must be in good standing with Angie’s List and undergo additional screening.

The Electric Connection has been listed on Angie’s List since 2005. This is the 15 year The Electric Connection has received this honor.

Service company ratings are updated continually on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in multiple fields ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For over two decades Angie’s List has been a trusted name for connecting consumers to top-rated service professionals. Angie’s List provides unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.


The Electric Connection of Los Angeles has been providing homeowners and businesses alike with expert electrical services for over 35 Years. We’ve built a company of highly experienced, certified electricians to serve your electrical needs. There’s plenty of competition throughout Los Angeles, but we make it our policy to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. That has gained us a great reputation. We’ll provide you with quality work at honest prices.

Free Electrical Advice

We are only able to provide advice to residents and business owners in the Los Angeles area. Please call us at (818) 446-0888 for more information.

over the phone electrical helpThe electrical system of a building is important to its function and efficiency. But with so much use to bear and the factors involved with getting a solid electrical system, electrical issues and questions often occur. Not every electrical issue or question comes at a financial cost. You can get free electrical advice that directly answers your immediate minor need.

At the Electric Connection, our professional electricians are always available to receive your calls and provide consultation free of charge during office hours. These are experts with great troubleshooting experience who can answer all questions.

For further insight to help you solve your electrical needs without any charge please look to our informative posts here.

For over the phone quotes on your electrical services, also reach out to us with this contact information (818-446-0888).

  • What electrical jobs are safe for you to perform?

Electricians are trained to assess risks and prioritize safety. In all situations, it is always better to call an electrician but at the same time, there are a few simple electrical jobs you can perform. These include:

  • Replacing a fuse
  • Changing an electric bulb, tube, or starter in a fluorescent light fitting
  • Resetting a circuit breaker or safety switch

It is important to be well informed before undertaking any of these tasks. Also, take precautions such as turning off the electricity supply and avoiding injury.

  • What electrical jobs are not safe for you to perform?

If you get tempted to DIY any electrical tasks, it should be none of the following:

  • Changing pre-existing electrical wiring
  • Changing the plug on a lead
  • Repairing any of your electrical appliances
  • Electrical wiring installation
  • Replacing light switches or powerpoint
  • Why use a licensed electrician?

Several people die yearly from electrical accidents that could have been prevented if handled by a professional and licensed electrician. A license helps you rest easy with the assurance that the electrical technician knows what he is doing.

How Can I Find a Good Local Electrician in Los Angeles

search los angelesFinding an electrician is easy but finding a good electrician can be tough if you don’t know where to start.

Los Angeles is a booming city and like other cities similar to it, you get a good dose of the good, the bad, and the ugly on a regular basis. However, the right information can save you all the trouble especially when it comes to your electrical system.

The benefits of not hiring just any electrician but a good local electrician in Los Angeles include:

  • Better assurance of your electrical safety
  • Professional service
  • Proper pricing and value for your money

Here are some top tips on how to find a good local electrician in the bustling City of Los Angeles.

  1. Do a search through Angie’s List and other similar platforms
    When you are looking for a good electrician, you have to look towards someone or a company that is reputable. Gaining information on the reputation of a contractor or company can involve a lot of factors but a search through Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Better Business Bureau and more can give you some insight on the company or contractor you are looking to hire. Learn more about them from these platforms.
  2. A recommendation is not all you need
    Have you ever hired someone your relative or friend claimed was a nice guy only to receive poor quality work? Yes, it happens and it only goes to show that hiring a good electrician has to do with more than your relatives’ recommendation or the fact that the contractor ‘seems like a nice guy’. Always weigh the appropriate factors first.
  3. Can the electrician explain his task in plain English?
    We have all met those contractors that can’t or won’t explain what they are doing. They might say you wouldn’t understand or speak gibberish till you give up trying to understand. When you meet such electricians avoid them because chances are they don’t really know what they are doing. A good electrician will be able to explain his task in plain English.
  4. Don’t hire based on price
    Going with the cheapest price is often the worst mistake you can make when deciding on an electrical technician to hire. The best way to identify and avoid a ridiculously cheaply priced service is to shop around. Find out what two or three contractors will charge for your electrical needs. If you get quotes such as $50, $100, $150, and $100 from four technicians then you should be suspicious of the $50 one. Getting value for your money is more important than been scrooge. It hardly ends well.
  5. License
    An electrician must have a license, but there are different types of license. A journeyman license is one and there is also a master electrician license. A good company should have both electricians and licenses. Peruse the license thoroughly to ensure it wasn’t rented and that both electricians and mostly the master electrician actually works for the company.
  6. You can also skip all of this and contact us at The Electric Connection where you get only the best electricians with professional service.

Free Electrical Over the Phone Help in Los Angeles

over the phone electrical helpElectrical problems are sometimes difficult to avoid in a home and they can be caused by a lot of factors. For example, some electrical components may develop a certain fault, some parts may get old, or be installed incorrectly in the first place. Home accidents can also cause electrical problems. It goes on and on.

When an electrical problem occurs, homeowners are often advised to reach out to an electrician. If you are usually worried that hiring an electrician will attract a significant cost, then it’s good to know that you might just get the service you need for free with over the phone help.

The numbers say that about 25% of service calls can be avoided with over the phone assistance. Many common home electrical problems are easy to solve without the experts coming all the way to your home.

These electrical problems can be on your wiring, repairs, installations, and so on. Whatever it is, it might just be solved with a free electrical over the phone help.

At the Electric Connection, our in-office electrician is available during call hours to attend to your over the phone needs. Our in-office electrician has years of practical experience, is licensed and qualified to answer any questions and provide the complete assistance you need.

We take troubleshooting seriously and offer you the best help.

Aside from the free electrical over the phone help, we also have a ton of resources and electrical tips you would find useful. Just look around for more blog articles like this and you might find the information you need.

If our in-office electrical observes that your electrical issue might need a service call, you would be informed as well. We assure you of the best customer service, professional and excellent service with your electrical issue, and pocket-friendly prices.