Replacing an Electrical Panel Los Angeles

replace electrical panelMost homeowners find it difficult to assess the condition of the panel in the home. It’s usually because you know so little about how it works.

Thankfully, we can simplify what you need to know about replacing an electrical panel in Los Angeles.

An electrical panel serves two purposes in any building. It provides electricity and ensures safety. An electrical panel in Los Angeles can last about 40-60 years. But age is not a vital factor when you want to determine the condition of the panel. Excessive use, wear, and tear could lead to wires loosening in your electrical panel, accumulation of dust that shortens the lifespan of the panel, and corrosion.

Signs to replace an electrical panel in Los Angeles

The age of your home doesn’t determine how long your electrical panel will remain in good condition. What’s important is that your panel is large enough for your electrical needs and can function properly to provide power and safety. If your panel needs replacing or repairs, there are signs to look out for. They include;

  • Rusted components

The presence of rust or corrosion in your electrical panel means the panel has been exposed to moisture. You can observe this if you open the breaker box. Rust is never a good sign because water in your panel can be dangerous. The panel will have to be replaced and the source of the rust or moisture determined to prevent it from happening and putting your home at risk again.

  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers

This is usually where the safety function of the electrical panel comes in. When the circuit breakers sense an overload or power surge in your electric system, they trip off to protect the system. However, constantly tripping circuit breakers are another issue entirely and indicate a fault.

  • Burn marks in the panel

As the electric panel ages, parts of it may break down and generate heat. This leads to obvious burn marks in the electrical panel, and like rust, it can be very dangerous. The panel will have to be replaced.

Other signs you need to repair or replace your electrical panel are;

  • The electrical panel is underpowered and not large enough to serve your needs.
  • Breakers don’t work at all to protect your home.
  • Old wiring that is no longer safe.
  • Lights flickering or dimming in the home, especially in an older home with an older panel.
  • You hear buzzing sounds or perceive strange/burning smells from the electric panel.

Replacing the electrical panel in Los Angeles

Now you’ve seen all the signs or a few. The next step is to call an electrical contractor in Los Angeles to confirm you need a replacement. Replacing an electrical panel can be costly, and this cost is determined by two major factors.

  • The condition of the panel/scope of the work.
  • The electrician’s rate.

What’s more important is to get a licensed electrician on the job to make sure you get a proper replacement service.