Prevent Electric Overloads Says Santa Monica Electrician

Nearly everything you use in your home requires electricity. Wireless headphones, laptops, cell phones and all those awesome kitchen appliances can leave you heavily dependent on electricity and the outlets that provide the juice. If you are one of those people who leaves their chargers plugged in for convenience, you have probably run into the problem more often than not that you don’t have an available outlet. Using one of those handy tools that lets you transform a two-outlet switch into a four or six outlet switch, may seem like the solution, but it isn’t. An electrician in Santa Monica cautions you against using one of those devices. The team at The Electric Connection can explain more.

Think of the safety of your car. You have five seatbelts in the car, but technically, you could probably fit seven, maybe eight people in the car if you needed to. There aren’t enough seatbelts and you know it is extremely dangerous. Your outlets are the same way explains an electrician. Santa Monica residents need to avoid overloading a breaker the same way they wouldn’t overload their vehicle. It isn’t safe and you could be facing serious injury if something goes wrong.

Just because you can plug in six different appliances into a single outlet, doesn’t mean you should. You risk an overload that can overheat and spark a fire. It can also damage the appliances or devices plugged into the overloaded circuit. Instead, you can hire a Santa Monica electrician to install more outlets and upgrade your electric panel to handle your demand for power. Don’t risk causing serious damage to your home or your appliances by trying to cram too many devices into a single circuit. Give The Electric Connection a call today and let them help you be a little more safe while enjoying the convenience of plenty of outlets.