Are Sparking Outlets Dangerous? Santa Monica Electrician Explains

electriccon_08_6Have you ever plugged something into an outlet and sparks fly—literally? Little sparks or a lot of sparks accompanied by a popping sound can be scary and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are minor sparks and major sparks. An electrician in Santa Monica will explain why outlets spark and what it means for you and your safety. If you have any more questions, you can call The Electric Connection.

A blue arc that occurs when you first plug in an appliance, is not generally cause for concern. You are seeing that blue arc because the appliance is immediately drawing electricity from the outlet. The electricity that is flowing through the wires behind your walls and to the outlet is moving pretty quick. When you make that connection between appliance or lamp and outlet, it is kind of like static electricity explains a Santa Monica electrician.

Now, a spark that happens while an appliance is plugged in is a serious concern. This means there is a break in the connection somewhere along the line. It may be the cord to the appliance or it could be the wires to the outlet. Bare wires that come into contact with each other or touch anything else can spark, causing a fire. This is an issue that should be repaired immediately by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners should shut off the breaker to the outlet that is sparking and call for service.

Another cause for sparking could be water. If an appliance comes into contact with water, the water interrupts the flow of electricity and creates a spark. This is obviously very dangerous. Water and electricity do not mix—ever. Consider having GFCI outlets installed in areas where water and electricity are in close vicinity to each other, like the bathroom or kitchen. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your outlet repair.