clean kitchen with under cabinet lighting

The Best Lighting For Your Under Cabinet

clean kitchen with under cabinet lightingHaving under-cabinet lighting is an excellent investment to have in any kitchen or countertops as it brightens the area below it that may be darkened because of the cabinets above them. Working on countertops or utilizing the area below could be a bit difficult to do without the lights. Aside from just brightening the area, they also increase the resale value of your home all while making it aesthetically beautiful and giving your kitchen a more modern feel.

Getting under cabinet lighting installed takes away the hassle, and the expense, of having to install a new lamp fixture as they’re more cost-effective. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding the lights in a place that would brighten the entire area as well. Under cabinet lighting is centralized in the places that you need them most. You can be certain they won’t be of any inconvenience as they are installed onto the underside of the cabinets.

However, they are some factors you’d need to consider before you can get your under cabinets installed. Here’s a list of the boxes you’d need to check.

Sizing and Placement: you do not want to get lights that are too big and won’t stay hidden underneath your cabinet. Be sure to take your measurements to ensure your fixture will stay as unnoticeable as possible. To make it blend in more, pick a fixture that matches the length and color of your cabinets.

Type of Under Cabinet Lighting: there are different varieties of under cabinet lighting. They work differently in different home structures. Picking out an under cabinet lighting that better suits your home will help you save up more time and money. We have the battery powered, the plugin, and the hard-wired under cabinet lighting. The battery-powered under cabinet lighting can be strips or pick lighting.

An advantage of these lights is that they can be installed anywhere and because they’re battery-powered, they’d work during power outages as long as you change the batteries. Calling an electrical professional to install your hard-wired lighting would be a better option for you and your home as you’d need to connect the lights to an existing circuit inside the walls. The plugin doesn’t need batteries or to be connected to the circuits in the walls. You can power it by plugging it into any existing outlet in your kitchen. Be sure to pick lightbulbs that are best for you as well.

Energy efficiency and Heat Output: Like every other lighting, under-cabinet lighting produces heat. Different types of lighting work in different ways in terms of energy efficiency and heat output. LED lighting is the best option for both energy efficiency and heat output. It utilizes as little energy as possible while still producing more than enough brightness. LED lights also have a low heat output which means your kitchen won’t feel any hotter and it’ll feel cool to the touch.

If you happen to have a dimmer switch or a smart home system, you could connect your LED lights to it to enable you to access to dim or control the lights using your voice or smartphone.